Waiting for results.

Hi everyone,

this is my first time posting and I really need some advice. 
last year I had a smear done and after 12 weeks found out the lab had lost the smear.  It took till 13th April this year to get another smear.  When I had the smear last year they found a polyp.  Plus I had treatment numerous times nineteen years ago for adnormal cells.  Anyway it's now 8/9 weeks and still no results.  My drs aren't very helpful.  They were meant to refer me to gynaecology but I found out they hadn't done it.  I'm going through the menopause but I'm bleeding after sex and have really bad period pains.  I'm really really worried sick now.  Is there a delay with results?? I just don't know who to turn to.  Thank you for any advice. 

Hi Sara,


Could you contact PALS for advice?


It's difficult to follow exactly what's happened and where you are up to from your post. We're they meant to refer you to gynae because of your current symptoms, or in the past?


Have you spoke to a GP or only the receptionist? One of the secretaries may be more helpful. Their role is to chase up Referrals.


Sorry I can't be more helpful.


You can also get a home test kit. Jo's recommend superdug doctor. It tests for the HPV virus only though, not abnormal cells. 

Thank you for the reply.  it's a referral for my present symptoms. Unbelievably I got a call late Friday and they told me they have lost my smear again...how is that even possible.  I don't know what to do about it. To lose it once I could except but twice.  I have spoken to the dr and he's sent me as a emergency now.  Thank you again. 

Oh Sara, that is diabolical! You must be feeling so frustrated with it all. Sending you huge hugs x

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Your GP should have immediately referred you to Gynae for an ultrasound and biopsy. There is a certain time limit which GPS MUST refer you to see a consultant.
Bleeding during or after sex post-menopause is classed as abnormal bleeding and should be investigated.
I mentioned at my smear test that I had had very slight bleeding during intercourse only twice and she immediately referred me to a consultant gynaecologist. Within a week I had had an ultrasound and internal examination, which she said she could feel a mass and in her opinion she said was highly likely to be cancer. She did punch biopsies and I was referred for an MRI and CT, a week later I was diagnosed with stage 3c1 CC but after a PET/CT re-staged 4a. The cancer is high grade, undifferentiated and has spread to various local sites an metastasised to one of my sacral bones. Had I not been referred immediately to see a consultant gynaecologist I wouldn’t have known I had cancer and by now (3 months on) it would have possibly gone to stage 4b.
As it is, I’ve just finished treatment and am now waiting for an MRI and CT (October) to see if the treatment has worked.
Bleeding post-menopause should never be treated as just a symptom of the menopause. Plenty of websites will tell you it’s a result of the vaginal walls thinning but actually it is abnormal and should always be investigated further.
Incidentally my smear test didn’t come back until several weeks after I had been diagnosed and the cancer staged. It can take up to 8 weeks for a smear test to come back and by then any cancer will have spread further.
Please insist your GP refers you to Gynae without delay.

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