waiting for results

Hi everyone...I am definitely not new here...I have spent the last few months coming to this site for comfort but finally signed up today! I am just wondering how long you all waited for biopsy results? I had a punch biopsy and recieved a letter 2 weeks later stating CIN2...i had LLETZ exactly two weeks ago now and am hoping if it was sinister I would of recieved a phonecall by now? Also did your punch biopsy results match your LLETZ? Thank you...anxiously waiting xx


Hi Melissa

My smear said severe high grade (which I think is CIN3) and that is exactly what my LLETZ biopsy said. I was sick with waiting and worrying and called up my Consultants secretary after 2 weeks. She very kindly said I was due a standard letter and read it to me over the phone. I am glad I rang as the letter has still not arrived and I would have still been stressing!

If you feel up to it, it is worth a try

Good luck, thinking of you