waiting for results

hi everyone,


I'm posting on here because I am so confused and worried. I had cin3 in 2005, annual smears ever since ,(all been clear)


have recently had abnormal bleeding gp said caused by extropion so sent me to colposcopy to get it sorted.

however when I went, they put the vinegar stuff on and some bits went translucent white so they took biopsies. Didn't end

up doing anything about the extropion. I asked if it was cancer and the consultant said no and that I have nothing

to worry about. Surely he can't know for sure whether its cancer or not until biopsy results come through though?!

I have also had two private hpv tests this year which came back negative (I have severe health anxiety which came about after pnd)

am so confused, I thought dysplasia was caused by hpv (and presumably I must have dysplasia as there were white

patches) how can this be if I've tested negative for hpv. I am so worried and confused. Any advice would be

so appreciated as I am in such a state I can't focus on or think about anything else.