Waiting for results

Hello, I’m new here and like a lot of people I’m waiting for my results, I had my LLETZ this week and I forgot to ask when I will get the results, I was so nervous and I just wanted to go out and have a coffee, any idea about the waiting time? I thought that the results are going to be quick, but I’m reading that could take weeks. :frowning:
Its been a few days and I need to know the results, The only 2 people that I said this are my boyfriend and my sister, and I lied a little bit to her saying that it was a simple appointment I didn’t say that I’m having a LLETZ, (my family live is Spain I don’t want them to be worried), and that is one of the reason of writing here… I need to say that I’m worried, is the only thing in my mind, I can’t sleep most of the nights and I have horrible nightmares. I think that I need to take a holidays and visit my sister, I need a hug.
I’m sorry about my English, and I’m sorry for all that text.

Good luck everyone with your results!!

Firstly Lourdes your English is great and I've read much longer text smile

You are at a terrible stage in this process, the waiting really is the hardest part. I also understand your reasons for not telling too many people yet. I didn't even tell my parents until I had finished all my treatment but I was surrounded by a group of fantastic sisters and of course this site. I think it took about 10 days for me to get results back from my LLETZ procedure. I truly hope you have clear margins when you receive your results but please know that whatever the outcome you can do this. Once you have results and a clear picture of what you are dealing with it actually gets easier. There is an amazing bunch of ladies on this site who are always willing to offer their advice and support. I know I would have been lost without them. Ask any questions you need and we'll help if we can. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

x Maria

I got my results from lletz back in 10 days but reading on here, a few unlucky women are waiting 4 - 6 weeks.

I hope yours is towards the shorter end. The waiting is the worst part of it all.


Thank you for your answers, it is amazing having this forum and be able to ask questions, hopefully one day I'll be the one helping people, not knowing is horrible.

At least 10 days sounds better. Thank you!!!!