Waiting for results

hi ladies, thanks for your support so far. i had sever High grade changes found on my smear and was referred for colposcopy. my colposcopy appointment is a bit of a blur, I can only remember being nervous and trying to listen, but not taking it all in! So no sex, tampons or swimming and I can't remember how long for?? I remember the dr performing lletz op at the same time. then the dr said she would write in two weeks to confirm the next steps... so I'm just waiting now. Is anyone else in the waiting stage now, or what results have come back from the ladies who have been in a similar position? thanks xx

Hi Cazzers, 

I'm in the same position as you, had severe abnormal cells, was referred for a colposcopy where I had Lletz procedure performed. This was 6th June 2017 and I'm currently going crazy waiting for results, however I was told 4 weeks wait for mine. It'll be 4 weeks on Tuesday and if I don't have the results then I will be straight on the phone. All this waiting is not doing me any good at all! With regard to the no sex, tampons, swimming etc its advised 4 weeks before you do any of those things. 

Hope you're well

Hi Beckylw,

Thanks for your reply. If it wasn't for this forum and lovely ladies like you i think i'd be much worse.

mine was a Tuesday too, so my two weeks was up this Tuesday just gone, but i'm not chasing just yet... not sure whether its becuase i don't want to know or whether i should just wait 4-6.... we shall see... Waiting is awful though. sex and swimming i can live without, lol! its the towels that're driving me nutty. i think i'm ok now, just a little bit of bleeding and tiredness, presumably where i'm anxious, but i guess there isn't anything more i can do now but wait.

I hope you're well xx

Hello, this is my first post. I had a colpo on Monday following high grade abnormal cells reported from smear test. I had 4 biopsies taken and awaiting results. Told 2-4 weeks wait. Colp nurse wanted me to return asap but I'm on holiday so going back 21st. I'm really emotional because of the not knowing. I was told no sex, swimming or tampons for a week. I've nearly stopped bleeding but it's been all week. I can't think of what's coming. Good luck everyone.  

Hi, welcome to the forum. I've found the support network on here so reassuring. I know it's easy to say but try not to worry. I guess my 4-6 weeks is because I had biopsies and lletz. I saw another po from you and you were concerned about not having received lletz at the time of your colposcopy appointment. I'm not 100% sure why, but sometimes they don't treat but monitor the changes. Also, did you mention your holiday, I'm wondering if that might be another reason they haven't used lletz but asked to see you again? I put my colp off for a month because I was on holiday and then my daughters birthday was after so thought I'd wait in case of not a good result. Still no results, but at the moment I've resigned myself to the fact there is nothing I can do. when you are feeling anxious do try to avoid google and come here.

i hope you're ok xx

Yeah I agree, the lovely ladies in this forum have kept me sane! Yep the pads are the worst, makes me feel unclean wearing them all the time, down to just liners now, the end is in sight. I think I got 'lucky', I didn't bleed at all, but didn't dare not wear pads cos I was waiting for the bleeding! Hope you get your news soon so you can put your mind at rest, I feel like I'm waiting for these results so I can get back to normal, whatever that is lol! 

Thanks or your reply. It's comforting to know that we're not completely alone. Maybe you're right about the holiday. I will keep you posted. I'm knicked sideways so hoping I can get a few hours to relax with a book on the beach - although it's Cornwall not the Med so maybe just reading lol. 

Got my results letter today which is CIN2 not really sure what that means but also got an appointment date  of 27th July. No information on treatment so not sure what to expect. Any clues? 

Hi, I think it's ok, so to speak! I think as far as my understanding goes that cin refers to how deep? and cin 2 is pre cancerous cells, meaning if left untreated it might turn cancerous. I stress I have no medical training it's my understanding so could be wrong. 

So, it sounds like you may be expecting lletz. I know you had biopsies, but no treatment, so I'm in a see and treat nhs area and you might not be. 

If it is lletz, my experience is, you're in a seat with stirrups, leant back as far as possible, injected with anesthestic, if local, and then cells painlessly removed. Bleeding and other symptoms after, I found worst the emotions I didn't prepare for. 

have you spoken to anyone else? Xx hope you're ok, did you have a nice break xx

I asked my mum who is a GP and she said likely a biopsy cone or loop, but she did stress that gynae was never her thing so she might be out of date. My hols is thursday so looking forward to being away. I seemed fortunate last time that discomfort was almost none apart from the moment of biopsy but last time no pain relief. I'm not too worried about the actual procedure its more that I want it all to be sorted. I have HPV does anyone know what happens about that? Obviously if it remains it poses a constant problem with cell mutation??


I was under the impression that your body can clear itself of HPV, but i m not 100% sure. Have a lovely break xx

I had my Lletz yesterday and no pain since and hardly any discharge so all good except I am completely wiped out. All I want to do is sleep. Has anyone else felt like this? I also feel light headed. I am putting it down to the anaesthetic. Now just a 2-4 week wait for results. Hope everyone doing well.