Waiting for results, very worried


I'm new to the forum but have been reading posts for a while now.

I am 24 years old, (almost 25) and was invited for my first screening back in June. A few months before this I started with irregular bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex (sometimes painful also), so booked my screening pretty much instantly. I do suffer from endometriosis however, and so I did attribute most of my symptoms to that. So, I had my smear, at which time the GP said she thought I had an ectropion but it was nothing to be worried about etc, and could be causing my problem, and that it could be easily sorted. No problem there then! She referred me there and then for a colposcopy to treat it. Although I must admit I was a little worried, as I had been examined only 12 months ago and this ectropion was not present then.

Anyway, 2 weeks later I received my smear results which were normal, fab! Worry over! Now just to wait for my colposcopy appointment to treat the ectropion!

On the day of the colposcopy I was feeling pretty confident, the procedure was explained to me and we discussed my symptoms, the doctor again did not feel this was attributed to my endometriosis. During the procedure, she said she could see the ectropion, and that she was going to 'try and make it bleed' to see how sensitive it was. She could not make it bleed at all, neither did it cause me any discomfort, which I must admit shocked me. If my symptoms were being caused by this...then why did it not bleed easily or cause pain?? Especially since sometimes the bleeding after sex has been very heavy. Because of this, she decided to apply the solution to show up white abnormal areas had showed up two reseaonbly large areas, to which the doctor explained she was sure it was only CIN 1, and so she did not feel happy treating the ectropion at that time. She decided to take a biopsy of each of the two areas. Afterwards we had a chat, and she said she thought it was in fact CIN 1 and/or CIN 2. (She had been previously confident it was only CIN1). She explained the treatments for the stages, including what would happen 'if it comes back as CIN 3'. I did ask at this point why the smear hadn't detected this, and she said some issues can start up higher in the cervix and can be missed.

So, here I am two weeks post colposcopy, with another 2 weeks approximately left to wait for biopsy results. I guess what worried me is how much it sort of backtracked from nothing to potentially something much more sinister.

I am sure I am worrying over nothing, but I think the fact that I have some worrying symptoms is also playing on my mind. And reading some of your stories on here suggests that some things can be missed that start higher up.... Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice to give? Thank you in advance x

I don't really know how that's happened, it does sound mega stressful you poor thing :( but just think of it as a positive thing. If your GP hadn't been concerned about the ectropian she never would have referred you for the colposcopy. You would have just had your normal smear results and thought all was okay. I hope your results come back clear xx

I am definitely grateful that I was referred, it probably helped that the GP is a specialist gyne! 

I'm trying to think positively and to take it as it comes, but I guess its normal to be worried too. 

Thank you, I will update! And I hope you also get good results x