Waiting for results of treatment

Finished 5 weeks chemo and radiotherapy and 4 lots brachytherapy, how long do wait till I get results of treatment please


I had to wait 3 months until my scan, it seems to be different for some people though. I’ve heard others get it sooner & others had to wait 6 months. They say treatment is still working for awhile after you finish so they want to give it time.

I think you will be scanned at 3 months. How are you feeling? Congratulations on finishing :grinning::grinning:

Thank you. I’m feeling pretty good right now. Last treatment was 4 weeks ago. A few minor bowel problems but apart from that I’m ok. I have an appointment with oncologist at end of this month but no mention of a scan yet.

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I get an MRI at 3 months and a PET scan at 6. Also, hugs on finishing treatment.

I had 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo and 3 lots of brachytherapy for my CC… My last brachytherapy was on 20 Jan 2023… My 6 weeks appointment with oncologist was on 2 Mar. She booked me for PET scan for August 2023. I am in Australia. Maybe different in UK?