Waiting for results Hampshire

Hi all,

I have been waiting for my results for 7 weeks now and my anxiety is at an all time high! 

I have experienced 2 seperate occasions of bleeding between periods and also pain which I thought was a UTI before I went for my routine smear.

During the smear test the nurse said I don’t want to alarm you but your cervix is rough and bled on contact. She booked me an appt to see the doctor and said cancel it if you get a letter referring you for colposcopy. I went to see the doctor, she didn’t examine me but referred me for a routine scan, which will be another 6 wks! 

I have been experiencing UTI symptoms and have had 2 urine tests since my smear both came back with blood, protein and white cells in but no infection. 

I guess me question is should I push for  referral to gynae or just stop being paranoid and wait for my smear results to come through! 

Any advice would be very helpful!