Waiting for results.. (children mentioned)

I had my first smear 3 years ago that came back clear, 2nd a few months ago which came back as severe dysplasia. Had a colopscopy a few weeks ago, they did treatment there and then. Had a laser treatment and large loop incision, now waiting for biopsy results.


I was under the impression that if they did the colopscopy, they could tell if it was HPV straight away. But he said he wasn’t certain it was. Do you usually get diagnosed and treated without the need of a biopsy? Or is that common. Really worried that they think I have cancer, and saw that on the colopscopy but can’t tell me until they get the biopsy results back to confirm. Just mind is in overdrive. Am a single mum with 2 young children, and have had cancer in my family. So very paranoid! 


What are the chances of being diagnosed with cancer after a clear smear 3 years ago? Also been experiencing pelvic and hip pain the last year, and pain during sex. So now I’m even more worried. 



First thing. Cancer affects 1 in 2 people so.It's in every single person"s family somewhere! Don't let that scare you.

Regarding your worries. It's very unlikely be cancer but it can happen. I know that because it happened to me. All you can do is wait for the biopsy result. It doesn't sound like they visualized a tumour so it's highly likely to be good news. 

Good luck and keep us posted.