waiting for results and thank you

I have recently joined after having an abnormal smear , colposcopy diagnosing CIN 3 and changes to vaginal tissues , treated by cone biopsy/ lletz ( I still dont know if theses are the same ???), as day surgery under Ga and I am now waiting on these results . Like many the initial diagnosis was a total shock to me having had no problems up until now ,and being told by friends/ colleagues you will be fine they will just take some cells away and thats it it happened to my pals sister blah blah........ you know the rest !!!  like someone else mentioned I too cried in the chair when I was told especially the bit about the spread to the vagina , and continued to cry for days .I came on striaght onto goolge ( worst thing ) and started to plan how I would spend the last few months of my life as thats how I felt and what the diagnosis meant to me. Then I came across this wonderful site and started to read the brave and inspirational stories of women must worse off than me who actually have or are being treated for cancer and realised that for the majority of us we will be ok , yes we may have to have further treatment including surgery radio or chemo but we are strong and will get through .So I would like to say thank to you all who take time out of your precious lives to share your stories and experiences and give support and encouragement. I am now waiting on my results so fingers crossed Laughing

I think I was the one who admitted I cried in the chair. I will be honest every so often I will be thinking of it or someone will ask me if I was ok and I would have a little cry to myself. I am lucky that my boss is really supportive, his wife having suffered ill health for many years.

Like you finding this site was a godsend and I agree that the people here who have shared their experiences and are being incredibly supportive are amazing.

I hope you get your results back soon and they are clear


Hi thanks for your reply , looking back on your posts I think we had our treatment round about the same time , I'm hoping for my results this week , I'm in Glasgow , where are you , I don't know if different NHS trusts take different times . I'm going back to work tomorrow after two weeks off not looking forward to it and people asking questions although I know they are only being concerned . Good luck with your results x 

I am in Northampton and got my results yesterday. These 3 weeks were the longest ever but I am glad its over.

I hope you have yours by now too xx