Waiting for my surgery date

Hi all,am waiting for my sugery, the oncology nurse it will be early November likely. Just a few questions please, they informed me that there were abnormal cells founs in my cervix after removing a polyp in my cervix. This was September 10, then I was admitted on the 17th of September for the procedure where they have a good ole root around inside, with a camera, & thwy also took a good few biopsies from all around.They confirmed I had a tumour, & had MRI & CT scans done while in the hospital. MRI & CT scans confirmed that the tumour seems to be only in the cerix area, I use the word seems as the CT scan showed some bulky stuff outside the cervix. I just wondered if any of you thought the time betwen diagnosis & surgery being in hopefully early November, is a normal amount of time, as in waiting time? Also has anyone experienced lower back ache in this stage, & sometimes like pressure right at the bottom of my back, kinda into my bottom(sorry).?? Thank yoiu for an replies xxx

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Hi there,

I'm sorry you had to find us and for your diagnosis. There is a huge amount of advice and support on the forum, so you've found the right place :)

I was diagnosed on 7th Feb and had a rad hyst on 19th March, so had about a 6 week wait all in all, which was filled with scans, appointments, lots of worrying and a lletz/explaration under GA.


So your time frame looks pretty similar and it's within the guidelines of 49 days. Usually from a cancer diagnosis they have to start treatment within a certain number of days, which I seem to remember being 49.

I remember linking every single ache and pain during that time to being cancer related. Turns out most of them weren't but it's a frightening time as I'm sure everyone here will relate to. 

Take care xx