waiting for my hysterectomy (children mentioned)

Hi all and thanks for reading iv been waiting 4 week now for my op date for a radical hysterectomy im stage 1b1 hoping to been done in the next 2 weeks I'm just sat hear panicking constantly my nurse has been great and really pushing for a date for me before I got diagnosed I had no pain or idea I had this now iv a constant acheing around my cervix and a pulling feeling it's probley me being soft but convinced I can feel stabbing pains in my legs to how long did you all wait for your rh mines being delayed because they need 2 surgeons free at the same time I'm haveing a hernia fixed to I rang the hospital and told them I would wait for the hernia op... just want this done now iv 3 kids n want to be around for them this stabbing pain is really getting to me 

Hi just wanted to say good luck and all the best! You are blessed to have 3 kids as many women have to have hysterectomies before they even have kids : (

Hi Lisa,

Sorry you've found yourself here. Funnily enough I started to notice all sorts of extra pains once I'd been diagnosed. I have no idea whether they were anything to do with it or not!

I got my diagnosis on 30th October and had my RH on 12th December. To be honest, I didn't feel ready for it much sooner. I wanted to eat really healthily and look after myself first in preparation for what is a pretty big operation. I also wanted to sort lots of organisational things out at home first because I knew I would be incxapacitated for weeks afterwards. In fact, I didn't do all the things on my list because I felt absolutely exhausted and spent most of the time binge-watching stuff on Netflix. No-one got a Christmas card from me this year!

Try not to worry too much, Lisa. I don't think much will be changing down there in the course of a few weeks. Your healthcare team won't let you wait a dangerously long time. I can see why they want to do the hernia at the same time. You really won't feel like having another op soon after the RH. If you've got a nurse pushing for you to get the op soon then that's great. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it happens really soon for you!

Sending hugs! :)

Kirsty xx

Hi lisa

welcome to this wonderful site.

I waited 10 weeks and 1 day for my rh..

 I had strange pains every day every where.

I found that for some strange reason I was holding my tummy area quite clenched. Do try to relax

Keep busy with your children and enjoy time with them having fun..( I don't think you will want to be going to a park or playing roughly with them for a few weeks).

 Take care.. Helen..

Thanks for all your kind words and your right alizze I am lucky I had them young x

Hi Lisa,

I think all of us start feeling odd twinges here and there once we have had a cancer diagnosis confirmed. In our house they even jumped from person to person so my husband thought he had several different cancers (bless 'im). It's quite amazing what tricks our minds can play on us. And that is why Kirsty's suggestion of bingewatching stuff on Netflix is brilliant! That is exactly what I would do if I had the chance! 

The doctors certainly won't want to go back in there and do a hernia op afterwards, they will want to leave your body to recover from the rad hyst, so getting them both done at the same time is marvellous! And yes, as Helen says, you won't want to be running about with three kids for quite a while after the op so best to fit in as much of that as you can now.

Be lucky :-)


Thanks for all your kind words and advice  it's been put back now and could be another 2 weeks ! Been waiting 8 week nhs guidelines say you should be seen within 4 week of diagnosis had a few good days out with the kids swimming etc b4 I can't for a while just want it done now 

Hi All,

new to this site so lovely to be a part of this. I had my smear test at the end of Nov which came back as severe abnormalities.

I went for a colospos and a biopsy taken. It confirmed a had CIN 3 with micro invasion. I then had LLETZ treatment and a 

second biopsy taken.  Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 days ago. I am awaiting my CT and MRI scan and have

my hysterectomy booked already for the 11th of Feb. Everything has moved so fast I don't feel like I am even in my own body!

i have just turned 30 With no children. I now am going to make it my aim to pass on the importance of a regular smear,as I 

put mine off for too long........


Hi Lisa well done for the fun days with your kids. The waiting drove me mad.

Get your freezer filled with a few meals so you just have to reheat you won't want to be doing much cooking straight away.

Welcome Lisa this is such a fantastic place

It's cervical awareness week too the end of this month I totally agree about getting the word around will be getting some posters too to put up places thanks to this fab site.


 Take care all


I've shared the link on my facebook and changed my cover photo to Jos cancer trust post saying cervical cancer 

can be prevented!!! I'm set on spreading the word!! Once I've come out the other side so to say, I will actively spread the word!!

I have a very hectic few weeks ahead with scans, consultant meetings pre op checks and finally the hysterceomtectomy on the 11th Feb.

Stay strong everyone!!!! 

Well done, Lisa! So many women just put it off. We do need to spread the word!

Good luck with the preparations for your op. Eat well, buy big pants and feel free to pm me - I'm 5 weeks post-op. :)

Kirsty xx

Hi all and thanks for the replies lapascopic hysterectomy is booked for the 30th of jan can't wait to get it done now feeling relived 

Hi Lisa

So glad you have your date now and can start to plan ahead.

Hope it all goes well, thinking of you


Good luck for tomorrow lisa x

Good luck Lisa x