Waiting for my first scan

Treatment  finished  in March  now got to wait  till july time  for a scan  its driving  me  crazy  waiting  feels lik  forever i just  need  to know  if i still  got cancer  its getting me so down  anyone else feel lik  this  xxx 


the waiting does totally suck! I remember the closer I got to my first scan the more nervous I was. It seems like this stage of the journey is more mental than anything else. Trying to not think about it is impossible and one day it seems so easy to stay positive but the next day staying positive is out of the question. The waiting for my second scan was just as hard. Now, well..... I suppose it is getting easier but it's still in the back of my mind. 

overtime, you learn to live with I suppose. Just remember life is about living it not about worrying everyday! 

Chin up girl let your body heal and rest. Soon enough you will know. 


I'm in the same position my treatment finished 2 weeks ago and I have to wait till August for my 1st post treatment  scan. It's driving me crazy The not knowing :(

Im glad  im not only one its constantly  on my mind i have  started  to get  hip pain  now  its never ending im glad  i got  u lot  x

Hi Helpme

I know how u feel i am going to rhe doctors on Wednesday for my first check up post surgery and chemo and radiation.  I am really scared i hope all goes well for u.

God bless :-)

Fingers crossed all goes well  for u hun n thanks  xx

I finished my treatments last year in feb2017 and only been going to check ups every 3mths and Finally going for PET scan July 19 I dunno why it's taking them this long been waiting over a year to see if its totally gone, good luck on ur results