Waiting for my Colposcopy


I have been reading through some of these comments some make me feel at ease and some have scared me to death. 

I have just had my second smear and it took nearly the full 3 weeks to come back and now it's advised I have high (severe) dyskaryosis. I am absolutely petrified and all I can think is the worst. I am 27 and have no children. I'm scared incase it is really bad and could lead to cancer but worst of all I'm scared if I can't go on to have children. 

I keep trying to keep busy to take my mind off it but every time I stop I cry....I come home and see my boyfriend who im currently buying a house with and I just burst into tears. 

I am so scared and the waiting is killing me! 

I have been told to expect my letter within 14 days, if it is classed as severe should I not be called straight in? 

I got my letter yesterday and I'm due to go on holiday next Monday...some holiday this is going to be. I feel sick with worry and can barely eat! 

Please tell me these sort of results can be ok. 

All I can do now is wait. 

And wait and wait. 

Please tell me I'm not alone with this fear. 



i waited about 6 weeks for my smear result to be told it was severe dyskaryosis.  Easier said than done but try not to worry. 

Severe usually means they need to perform LLETZ depending on what CIN grade you are given. its aq small operation to remove abnormal cells (this isnt cancer) once they remove them that can be that all done and dusted you can still have kids they may monitor you more thats all which cant be bad. Some rarer cases go on to have troubles but not usually so the percentages are in your favor. I remember being worried but its not so bad. please see my story below