Waiting for Lletz update

Nurse just called and confirmed they will do a lletz in next 3-4 weeks. I have been to the docs today as having a lot of pelvic pain in lower left side, tested my pee, not pregnant, have got another uti, this has been off and on constantly since Nov last year. I briefly saw the letter from the hospital when I was there, it said severe dyskariosis with glandular involvement, no cgin detected. No obvious signs of malignancy - so that's good right? She scrolled the letter twice so I double checked. I also wanted to ask if its normal to have heavy bleeding after sex 5 weeks post colposcopy? Also been having really watery discharge (sorry tmi!) In fact yesterday morning I got out of bed and thought I had wet myself, it had a clear pinky tinge to it, not pee though, that was a different colour altogether and no bad smell. Is that normal after colposcopy? My colp was on 22nd April. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and best wishes to everyone xx