Waiting for LLETZ results...

anyone else waiting for results? I had my LLETZ 18th March so it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet but I'm so anxious. Who wants to join me in the wait? X

Hi Lemoncat,

i am with you there. Had my LLETZ the same day as you. I am feeling really anxious too. Been having a few problems since the procedure and think that is making me worse. Been a little tearful!

How have you been since? Have you had your first period yet?


Hey, I'm with you on the wait! 

i had mine done on the 13th March.... So just over 2 wks for me. 

The wait is horrible!!! :-( 

ive never had to wait for results for anything, and omg I am Sooo pleased I havent, as this is Sooo long! And horrible! 

Im currently on my period, and it's ALOT heavier :-(((( 

but saying that, I've only ever had periods for 24hrs and very light, so I knew this would be very different :-( 

im in no pain thou :-))) 


Hi Roxi,

I am on my period too. Personal question but are you literally flooding? Mine is so heavy. I am not normally this heavy but like you, I expected the first period after to be heavy. Have you had any clots? Sorry for the questions. I am panicking as bleeding lots and had some pretty big clots. 

I just have normal period pains so not too worried about that. 

Hope you get your results soon.


I am VERY heavy! :-( and yes a few clots... The blood is very red too... 

im not worrying about blood or clots, because I think our bodies have been through Sooo much... And this is its way of showing it I think. 

Havent had any pain, so very lucky there. 

But I do have an infection, so am also on anti biotics. 

I just want the results to hurry up now! x

Thanks Roxi,

Although I am sorry to hear you are bleeding heavily and have the clots too, it has helped me relax a bit as I was getting myself in a panic. I wasn't too concerned with smallish clots but one I had last week was bigger than I would expect. 

Find myself looking out for the postman every day and it's not even 2 weeks yet!! I still have a while to wait!! Everyone keeps saying you will be fine but until you actually have those results it is hard to think of anything else. 

Taking my mind off things today by cooking!! 

Take care. 


I'm pleased your at ease a little... 

Peope keep saying to me, ur be fine. 

Which is nice, they are trying to help! But also very bloody annoying haha... 

because like you say, until you have those results, no one will know. 

im exactly the same with the post. 

its actually driving me nuts... It's all I think about. 

and when the post comes, I convince myself it will be tomorrow. :-( 

hopefully not much longer for us both. 

I had treatment done, 17days ago now. 

So hoping will be soon. X