Waiting for lletz results :(

I had a lletz procedure last Tuesday (26/11) to remove what my consultant said was early stromal invasion. This came about after having my first abnormal smear at the end of sept which came back severe dyskaryosis. Was booked to have cone biopsy but then found out I was pregnant so was advised of lletz instead of cone for the one area that was showing esi. I'm 13 wks pregnant now and so far baby has been fine and had no ill effects from having anaesethic and treatment. I was told would have the resulwee from lletz in two weeks (if the sample needed to be sent to another lab) I phoned clinic yesterday to see if there was any indication of results and was told they were not completed yet. I'm going out of my mind with worry :( I know no body can do anything for me I just needed to vent I think. I can't get excited about baby yet as obviously my whole ante natal care will change if I don't get the news I'm hoping for. I just wish none of this had happened :( 

Oh Han I'm so sorry to hear about everything that's gone on and I can only imagine how worried you are especially being pregnant and worrying about baby etc. I had my LLETZ on Monday and have just got my results today so hopefully it won't be too long for yours. I really do sympathise with you about how awful the waiting is, I really felt like I was going crazy so please know you're not the only one eho feels like this.


Got my fingers crossed for you that you get your results soon and that they are good news



Thanks for your reply clareel, it's good to know I'm not alone. Still no news on results. Have had my ante natal appt today and pregnnancy wise everything is going well so far so that's a relief. Fingers crossed I get some news tomorrow xx