Waiting for Lletz abroad would appreciate support or advice!

Hi all,


In the unfortunate situation of waiting for my Lletz appointment in a new country I just moved to with no support network and feeling quite alone in it all!

Had an irregular smear (1st one) back in February and then got a blunt call from the receptionist at my local GP (not even the GP herself) to say I had abnormal results and needed to go for a colposcopy in a hospital. I knew nothing of what a colposcopy was and just heard the word 'hospital' and got quite a fright! Had a biopsy then in May at which time the doctor there told me she could see nothing to be worried about and expected to just see me back for another smear test in a few months. In her words she took a biopsy 'just in case'. I went ahead with my planned move really relieved and happy that I had got this out of the way, and then got a letter in the post a few weeks later via my mother to say I needed to come back to have cells removed. 

It was too expensive to fly back for the appointment at short notice and they were unable to offer me one at a later time, so I made arrangements to have the appointment here. It's been very stressful as I don't speak the local language well and it hasn't always been possible to get translation support. I got a letter today telling me my appointment is next week but that is all they told me, just a two line letter with an address and time. I am really unsure what to expect and I am not even sure if it is a Lletz/Leep procedure as the letter doesn't refer to that only to something about cutting away the cells with a knife. What kind of procedure is that? The clinic here only takes calls 2 hours a week and I have missed that window now so I can't call for advice.

None of my friends back at home have been through this and so I have no one to talk to or get advice from, and now that it's only a week away it is all I can think about. 

I have a fear of needles and I asked for no anasthetic for the biopsy as not being able to feel anything is something I have always found I am weird about - I know this procedure obviously does require that but I had no problems with the biopsy and found it completely bearable without numbing and much preferred just dealing with the slight cramping after. What does it feel like after you are numb - do you feel anything at all and how far does the numb feeling actually extend? How long does it take to wear off, does it affect your ability to drive or make your legs weak? With the colposcopy appointment I was able to watch everything on a screen and I actually really appreciated that. I am not squeamish at all and it made me feel much better to be able to see and talk through what was happening and understand the procedure and what was happening to my body - I suppose it's not the same for a Lletz? 


Sorry for the rant and thank you for listening, I am really glad there is a forum for this!



Hi. Sorry this is happening whilst you are not in your own country. The LLETZ is the taking away of bad cells, I could not feel the anaesthetic and was not aware of feeling numb, Apart from not feeling any pain! It makes your heart race a little bit for a minute and I had to sit for a couple of minutes after as my legs were wobbly. I drove home and had no numbness or tingling. The LLETZ itself takes literally a minute. The thought of it is worse in my opinion.