Waiting for LETZ results


Just wondered if anyone else is waiting on LETZ results and wants to hold hands?
Had my LETZ on 5/10/22

First time I’d ever had an abnormal smear.
Ive high risk HPV and CIN3.
Ive two teenage kids
I’m a smoker (this may give me the kick up the bum to stop)
In past 6 months I’ve had unusual spotting for a week prior to period and on and off pain during sex. Not all the time but often had to stop as too uncomfortable.

Was told it should take 3-4 weeks for results.

Here if anyone else wants a hand hold during the wait xx


Hey Lucy,

Yes please! It’s been almost 4 weeks since mine and I’m feeling anxious and impatient! I have CGIN and I’ve had a letter to say it’s gone to the MDT so will be a bit of a delay in getting results. The nurse said I had ‘excessive’ abnormalities and I can’t get those words out my head. My heart jumps into my mouth every time the postman comes and I just want to know/also really don’t want to know!

Physically I’m almost there recovery wise I think so at least that’s a positive…

How are you feeling? xx

@Hope22 i hope they have the meeting soon and you can get some answers.
I’m the same - stalking the post man. Answering the phone to every cold caller - just in case !

It’s horrible as there are words that get stuck in your head. There’s so many fabulous people on here though who’ve either had good results or if it’s not been the news they hoped for, there’s so many treatment options.

Physically I’m feeling fine post LETZ now. Just the anxiety of waiting. Xxx

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Hi guys
I’m in the same boat,I had lletz on September 1st to remove cgin,had to go MDT meeting in October and still waiting for the results :woman_facepalming:t2:,the wait is awful xx


@sunshine24 goodness that’s been such a long wait for you. Have they been able to give you any other info yet?
The wait is so hard xx

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Only had mine yesterday trying to be calm 4 weeks to wait!!

@Lois take care. I hope it all goes smoothly for you.
Be kind to yourself and take it easy. I was bit achey after. Had to stop my Zumba classes but still been walking lots.
Chatting to folk on here has helped and I’ve been reading some lovely trashy books to try and distract me.

Hey 1985lucy
Nope,just that it has to go to the MDT meeting as it was cgin. They said it was going to be September but then when I phoned at the end of the September they said it would more likely make the October meeting and I’ll find out after that,the last 3 months since the smear seem to be just a whirlwind and a lot of waiting xx

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@sunshine24 gosh that’s such a long time to wait. I hope the meeting is held soon and you can get more info.
It feels a bit like having your life on hold doesn’t it?
Sending hugs xx

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Hi everyone
I only had my Lletz 2 days ago and the wait is already killing me off. :woman_facepalming:
When I went for a biopsy a month ago the doc said he couldn’t see anything of concern but the results came back CIN3. It’s been a bit of a confusing whirlwind. Literally thinking what on earth are they cutting out if he couldn’t see anything???
I’m feeling grateful that I’ve been treated and hoping the results aren’t anything too sinister.

Sending love to all of you x

@LeighA123 welcome to our hand holding thread and sorry you’re here too.
Ive found in some ways the wait has got a bit easier now im not feeling physically uncomfortable post LETZ. It’s good to have others to reach out to on here, so we know we’re not alone in this xx

Me too I am so confused

I felt like everything was fine with the lettz now on the 6 month follow up they took 2 biopsies which she said is normal as saves coming back if the smear shows hpv but I asked about the margins and she said there were still some cin cells (I had assumed I had clear margins as my letter just said follow up in 6 months!)

However I can’t remember if she said I think there were some or not so now I was thinking if not clear margins why did they not tell me it is all confusing!

@emy0686 could you give them a call and ask? I’ve only been in for the one LETZ appointment but afterwards found myself thinking of so many things I should have told them / wish I’d asked.
Could you call the clinic you were at or your own GP and ask them to go over it with you? Give you some peace of mind xxx

I had my Lletz on 30 September and am awaiting results…they said it would be 4- 6 weeks. Seems never ending…

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@MB246 i hope you’re not waiting too much longer.
I was saying to my boyfriend earlier that I’m having to just try and let go of my anxiety just now. There’s nothing I can do to speed up results or change them, just need to try and be patient. Easier said than done I know !! Xx

Hi everyone, I’m still waiting too. Had mine on Sept 23rd, and keep wondering if I should call to check results, or is it better just to wait for the letter? It doesn’t help that there have been royal mail strikes…although just trying to be patient. They did say 4 to 6 weeks. I agree it’s feeling easier now that it’s not as uncomfortable physically, but really struggling to sleep.

Has anyone called the hospital where they had it done and found out quicker that way? xx

@Siobhan22 i hope you hear soon. No harm in calling for an update.
I got an NHS letter on Friday and had a mini freak but it was about something else. Dated 17/10. With the strikes letters are taking a bit longer to get through just now.

@Siobhan22 I’m in the same boat. I had mine on the 26th and still waiting! I was doing a better job at distracting myself last week but anxious again this week. Xx

How is everyone feeling post LLETZ?

I’m really struggling with feeling clean and wearing pads I feel like I I have a nappy on full time.

Showering multiple times a day to make myself feel better but still frustrating. Especially with getting up multiple times during the night to change and sort myself out.

I’m literally a week in and already fed up. I can’t wait to have a bath :woman_facepalming::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Sending love to everyone x

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@LeighA123 it does get better honest. Even being able to move from sanitary towel to pant liner made me feel a little better. Just felt grotty too.

Still jumping everytime I get a cold call - just in case !

Anyone else had a period post LETZ yet? I usually get bleeding / spotting in the week leading up to my period. In that week now and no spotting. It’s bizarre. Makes me wonder if there was something inside me that the LETZ has already removed xx