Waiting for letter

Hi all 

I was wondering if anyone knew the wait times for Surrey area 

I had my smear 3 weeks tomorrow. So far no results. The nurse said that results usually take 2 weeks so I’m starting to wonder where they are? 


Thanks Lisa 

Last time i went for my smear i was advised that smear results can now take up to 12 weeks sometimes.
This is due to low staffing in the test centres. They said that the samples get tested first on arrival to the centre, and then get passed over to someone else afterwards to double check the sample.
If the first check shows abnormalities, then they get the 2nd check much quicker, and results are normally sent out earlier.

I received my results about 3 weeks after my smear. So that felt quite quick for me.

I don't know specifically about Surrey, but i think there are delays all over at the moment.

It took seven weeks for me to get the results by phone, and then eight weeks by the time i received the letter (so I'm so glad they rang me as not sure I could have taken another week). I was initially told 4 weeks but it got longer and longer with each passing week! I'm in Birmingham

Hi Lisaq01

Did you get your results yet? I'm in Hampshire and have been waiting 6 weeks so far, the nurse told me 4 weeks when I had the test, then changed to 6 weeks when I called and now they just don't know!! 

Starting to worry now! 

Hi Debz, 

I'm also in Hampshire (but my doctor is in West Sussex) and I've been waiting just over 8 weeks now which feels likean eternity! Will call again tomorrow, was told 2 weeks but possibly up to 6. 

Freaking out now as my nurse had an odd reaction and said I looked inflamed and since the smear I've started getting dark spotting which I've never had before, just want to know now either way as I've got uni exams next week and the stress is making revision so much harder! 


I hope you find out soon, best of luck 





Had mine taken over 2 months ago. Still don't have the result. I had abnormal last year with HPV, so this is really worrying me that I haven't heard anything yet. I phoned the cervical screening team and left a message asking how long they think it might take. 

Oh blimey tspice that's so long to wait frown, I really hope you get them soon as it's such a worrying time, I called my doctors yesterday but they hadn't had anything. I know it's not the labs fault but it's so stressful on everyone.

Hi Debz84,

Have you had your results yet?

I am also in Hampshire and have been waiting for 5 weeks, I was told 2-4 wks at my test. 

I am quite anxious because I’ve had other symptoms, I’ve been referred for an ultrasound as well so hopefully that’ll be soon.

I’m taking the approach no news is good news!

I hope you’ve had your results and they are all clear.