Waiting for gynae appointment - anyone had similar symptoms?

Hi everyone,
I’m new here. I am anxiously waiting for my gynaecology appointment as I have been experiencing worrying symptoms for approx 5-6months : Constant vaginal bleeding (sometimes light, mostly very heavy, sometimes bright red, sometimes dark and usually small clots) and pain near my ribs, lower tummy and sometimes my hips.

It has got to the point where the bleeding is affecting me so badly and is heavy that I am afraid to even attempt being intimate with my partner on “good days”.

I am unable to go for a smear due to the constant bleeding. I paid for a private scan (internal and external) which shows everything is normal except PCOS which I was already aware of.

I feel that I definitely have CC and am obviously really scared. I was just wondering whether anybody had symptoms like mine? And what you were staged at? My fear is it being advanced and not treatable. I have two little boys and the thought of this is giving me sleepless nights.

Also, does anybody know if they will go ahead with a colposcopy with my type of constant bleeding?

I apologise for allllll the questions. I have been a mess but am so glad I have found this website and can speak to actual people going through similar things.


Hello I am no doctor but if you had a scan and all looks normal you don’t have advanced cancer like you mentioned , abnormal bleeding can be because of many other things not just cancer , abnormal cells can also cause abnormal bleeding but is usually very light after sex type of bleeding. I hope you get to the find out soon and they give you a solution.
Take care