Waiting for colposcopy

Hi everyone

I feel so awful for posting on here but as i have been reading through you all seem so lovely and understanding so figured i would bite the bullet.

So i have been having awful problems for the past 8 months now, abnormal bleeding, bleeding after sex, copious amounts of brown horrid watery discharge (sorry tmi), pains in my pelvis - these have gradually gotten worse which prompted me to finally see a doctor. He was amazing and didn’t just brush my symptoms aside (which i expected).
At the appointment he took swabs and looked at my cervix and his words was “very suprised to see a growth on the cervix”. Now i know this could be anything so I’m trying my best to not jump to conclusions. He has put an urgent referral to the colposcopy clinic.

Now heres the thing (sorry for rambling), the pains i am having in my pelvis, hips and particularly my kidneys are now getting worse each day. Did anybody else experience this or could it be a whole different issue??

Sorry if anyone feels i shouldn’t be posting here i dont have anyone to talk to really.
Thank you for reading.

Hi Rubyes i am sorry to hear about your situation but would like to welcome you to the forum. Im glad to hear you went to see your doctor now your situation can be resolved soon. I know this will be a worrying time for you so i hope you will get your results quickly. If you read through some of the other posts you will see other Ladies have the same symptoms and waiting for a Colposcopy. I wish you all the best keep in touch i will be thinking about you xxxxx

Thank you for your reply Kumagill.

I don't know why I'm so anxious about it all, everyone around me just keeps saying "oh you will be fine, its nothing" so i just haven't got anybody to turn to, makes you feel a little better writing it all down - as daft as that sounds. 


Hi Rubye your welcome thats what we are here for if you nottice we all bring it here. Writing it down somehow seems to make us feel better I know i do to. So keep posting and hopefully you wont notice your waiting time going in. Stay strong I will be thinking about you xx

Another thing, I have had a black lump on my vulva, its been there for months, should i mention this at the colposcopy? I never mentioned it at the doctors appointment because i was there for other symptoms but now i feel like i maybe should mention it?? So overwhelming all this don't know if I'm coming or going!! Thank you xxx

HI Rubyes yes mention it when you go but you could go back to you Doctor and have them look at it before your Colposcopy its probably unrelated to your other problems. Woman are prone to lumps & bumps in their lower region in the end you have no dignity left. This is a good time for you to get all your health needs checked out to give you Peace of mind. keep us posted best Wishes xx

Okay thank you, you have been very helpful Kumagill. I really do appreciate you taking time to reply xx