Waiting for colposcopy

My smear test came back with low grade dyskaryosis and HPV positive!
They did send me an appointment for December but after calling and explaining my family history they added me to a cancellation list and I’m now going to be seen this Thursday.
I’m 30, from the age of 13 until May this year I was on the combination pill, I smoke, I always have a heavy amount of discharge, have bled after sex but not always (last two maybe I should have checked out in the past but I haven’t).
When my mum was 28 weeks pregnant with me, she was diagnosed with cell changes and by the time I was born, it had turned into full cancer and so at 27 she had to have a total hysterectomy including her ovaries. Obviously a lot of healthcare and checks have improved a lot since then and my mum is still alive and healthy today.
None of this is stopping me from worrying about what they may find! I know I’ve now got hardly any wait time now and I don’t know how people wait weeks for these tests! Not blaming the NHS for wait times at all as it is all fairly quickly just obviously no one likes waiting for any kind of results.

My appointment showed high grade changes and now I'm so scared of what's going to happen. I lit up the test like a Christmas tree. 

Got to wait 4 to 6 weeks for results now and nothing I can do but worry.

It's been such a bad year that this just really takes the p***.