Waiting for Colposcopy results

I had a smear back at the beginning of August, six weeks later a letter landed on my doormat saying the results were abnormal, and that I’d recieve a letter from my local colposcopy clinic soon. Another 2 weeks passed, and 9th October I had my first colposcopy. The doctor told me I’d been referred straight there without having a second smear because the results were clear that there was abnormal cells. However they couldn’t grade where they fell on the scale between CIN1 to CIN3. He also said if I was happy he could remove the cells as they do a biopsy.
However it turned out because of their placement he didn’t want to remove the cells without an anaesthetic being used. So he took some samples, he then said he couldn’t say where on the scale they fell and that the biopsy would clarify. That if its CIN1 then we won’t have to remove the rest of the cells, but if its CIN 2 or CIN3 then we would.
I’m unsure whether to believe that he couldn’t by looking at it guess that it was bad or not, what end of the scale. I was allowed to watch on a monitor, and it was a bit sqeamish to see your inside bits, but also quite fasinating. Though from what I could see on the camera it didn’t look too great!
I was told I’d have to wait a month, and I did; on Saturday just been 10th Nov, I recieved a letter. But it was the same worded letter as I recieved before, informing me I have an appointment at the colposcopy clinic, with the same leaflet outlining the procedure of a colposcopy. I have to wait a week, its on the 19th November. I assumed they would just tell you the results in a letter, not face to face. I’m wandering have they actually got my results, have they been lost and my appointment is to go through another colposcopy, or am I being called back to be told the results because they’re not great. Though if they weren’t good results surely they’d call you in straight away not make you wait a week.
I really wish they worded the letter better, and actually stated why you have been given an appointment. I will ring the department tomorrow and see if I can tell me what my appointment is exactly for as the letter gives the impression I’m attending for another colposcopy.
I do wish at my appointment I’d asked exactly how I was going to recieve the results, if by post or a phone call or called back in. I think I was relieved that the procedure was over with and wanted to go and be on my way.
If there is any useful questions people wished they asked when they got their results, please let us know, I am rubbish at talking to doctors.
Many thanks

Hi Natalie,
Its such a horrible, worrying time. I think its the not knowing that’s so horrible. I am pretty new to all this; but its happened so fast. I had a lletz & biopsy, was told would get the results within 4 weeks. was expecting a letter with my result. but 2 weeks after my lletz had a letter from the hospital saying they wanted me to come back & discuss my results. Spoke to my gp as was worried, she said you don’t always get your results in the post. Depending on your results they like to discuss further management. its not usual to go back & discuss your results & further treatment, if needed. Hope this helps a bit. Have you phoned the hospital about your appointment? Good luck with your appointment. keep in touch. xxxx

Hi Ray
Thank you for your message, I hope you recieve good news from your results. You are right I think the waiting for results is the worst bit.
I went this morning for my results. The reason I was called back and given the results, was becuase they need to perform a LLETZ on me but need to do it under a general anaesthetic. Apparently the cells have appeared in a position which isn’t straight forward to remove, and they are on the scale that they want to remove them. I’m booked in now for 3rd January, worried about having a general anaesthetic, but relieved that they are removing the abnormal cells.
Good luck with your hospital appointment. Xx

Hi Natalie,
Glad hospital appointment was not as bad as you thought. Know what you mean about being worried about having a general anesthetic. Its scary when you’ve not had one. But I’m sure you will be fine, its probably better to be asleep when you have it done. That way it won’t be uncomfortable while they are doing it. My results came back as high grade CGIN, so they have advised me to have a hysterectomy, as I already have children. Not looking forward to having the hysterectomy or the recovery, but very lucky it’s not turned to cc & I have already had my babies. Could have been a lot worse. Hysterectomy, was a shock, trying to get my head round it. But its got to be done, like you not looking forward to having a general anesthetic, as not had a big op before, but needs must. Take care, hope your lletz goes well & you don’t worry yourself too much about the general anesthetic. :slight_smile: xxxx

Sorry to hear you have to have a hysterectomy, hope it and the recovery goes well. Xx