Waiting for colposcopy results

Hi all,

I had a colposcopy 4 weeks ago. I ve been told that i ll get the results in 3-4 weeks by post but nothing yet. 

A couple of days ago i found a missed call from a number that is from NHS for some hospitals in London?!?(Google) so im affraid thats not a good sign...

I try to call to the hospital today but i was number 15 on the waiting list(working at this time so impossible to wait that long.

They told me that i can get my results by phone only 9-17 Monday-Friday but im always working at this time, so please anyone knows any other way that i can get my results. Im really stressed after this missed call.

Thanks in advance.



im in the same boat as you. I have been waiting for nearly 4 weeks now and nothing yet. Feels like ages.

On all the leaflets for the colposcopy appointment I attended there was a direct number for the specialist nurse (who actually did the colposcopy). Might be worth googling your hospital and colposcopy to see if they have a similar system to get you through to the right person quicker!

I have rang her quite soon after the appointment when I was a bit stressed about it all and she picked up before 9am (but I guess that depends on individuals working hours). She couldnt give me the results because it was too soon but was really helpful.

I tried the number again yesterday but she was on Annual leave and they said to call my GP but they said they hadn’t received anything either.

Hope you get your results soon and they are good news!!



Hi Hannah93 thanks for replying!

The number the have online for colposcopy is the one that is 9-17 unfortunatelly :/.  I ll try call my GP Monday morning, i hope they got my results.

Yes really feels like ages, really stressfull.  

Lets hope we both get our results soon with good news!

Thanks again!


Hi Mar30,

Ah that’s so frustrating! Hope your GP was able to help this morning and the results were good. The whole letter thing doesn’t feel like the best way to deliver results!


All the best,




I call them yesterday and now im more stressed than before... Because the receptionist at first told me that they 've got an e-mail with my results from the hospital previous Wednesday, but after he said sorry i was wrong, our medical team will be in contact with the hospital and they ll call you back tomorrow(nothing yet). 

So now im afraid that they got that e-mail but with bad news so the receptionist cant tell me ;/ . I hope it was really just a mistake.


Frownthat sounds so stressful!! The waiting for result is traumatising enough without being messed around like this- sounds like something has gone wrong in the communication somewhere! 

I know it must be hard but try not to guess your results and assume the worst. Really hope they get back to you today and all the waiting and not knowing is over! can you take a few minutes out of work to call and chase up the GPs today? 

Really hope you find out soon and it is all okay- thinking of you! 

I found some time and call the GP yesterday. They told me to call back again at the end of the week or Monday... 

Thank you! i hope the same for you!

Hi Mar,

This seems so unfair that they have made you wait like this. Makes me angry. I really hope you find out today And it’s good news.

I have been incredibly lucky. My letter came exactly 4weeks after the coloscopy and said no cancer or CIN detected. I feel so fortunate and humble.

Can you try ringing the colposcopist again rather than the GP? If your GP is anything like mine they aren’t much use for results. I called the GP after I got my letter hoping they could talk to me/send me more information on my results and Even though my results were incredibly good news they wouldn’t discuss or send. Have had to book a phone appoinmnet with the Doc in a weeks time. The colposcopist discussed mt reaults with me over the phone though so maybe they are the best bet.


Good luck- really hope you find out soon,


Hi Hannah, amazing news that you 've got your results and all good.

Unfortunatelly for me im start getting used to the idea that im not gonna get my results ever.

I call my GP again today at 11:00. The receptionist told me yes we ve got the results an you have a combination of abnormal and normal cells, i cant give you more information call back at 14:30 to speak with a doctor.

I call back at 14:30 and another receptionist told me sorry something went wrong your name is not on the list, im gonna put it now and a doctor will call you this afternoon. I was waiting all this hours by the phone and as i know that they are closing i call back at 17:00. So this time the receptionist told me again that nobody booked me to talk with a doctor and THAT THEY DONT HAVE MY RESULTS YET. So i told her that somebody FEW HOURS AGO told me that you got them and about abnormal and normal cells combination. Her answer was that this was a mistake and that she will ask the doctors if any of them willing to talk to me today, otherwise to call again on Monday.

I really dont know whats going on. How they cant tell me not my results but not even if they got them or not? I mean if they dont have them what the first receptionist today was talkling about? Im thinking that maybe something is wrong in their system??  

Im trying to call the hospital but nobody is picking up the phone.

Im afraid that i have to call sick at work this Monday and go to the hospital. 

I cant see any other option to take my results unfortunatelly...

Thanks again and im really happy for your results!


So i finally got my results today!! i had to go to the hospital but is ok,even like this i ve got my results finally. 

Results came back as CIN2 and the book me for colposcopy and smear after 6 months.

A bit worse than they expected, but is ok.



Glad you finally got your results! My pathology report from my colposcopy biospy also showed CIN 2 (this was back in April). We decided to go ahead and treat it with a LEEP procefure which I just had last Thursday. Results today showed CIN 3 (not CIN 2) but my margins were negative for dysplasia which is great! Honestly I was a bit shocked to see severe dysplasia on my pathology report. Super relieved that we treated it when we did!! Hopefully your colposcopy and smear in 6 months time showed that it has regressed!!! :) 

Hi Amandamar!

To be honest if i was able to choose, treatment it will be my choice as well, as im 32, im smoking + positive to high risk HPV. 

So based on other people stories, watch and wait maybe is not a good idea in my case... 



Will they not allow you to proceed with a leep if that's what you want? 


Hi Marie87,

She just told me that i have to stop smoking and we ll see again in 6 months. Nobody gave me the treatment option.