Waiting for colposcopy... (kids mentioned)

Hi all,

4 years ago I had my first smear at the age of 21 which came back normal. My doctor gave me the smear because I had paid for a HPV test at a private clinic which came back positive. 6 months later due to knowing I had HPV I was allowed another smear which came back with borderline changes. I then had 2 further smears 6 months apart, all borderline changes and positive HPV infection. However, I was never referred to for a colposcopy. Then about 2 years ago I had a normal smear again after the 3 consecutive borderline smears. I was told to come back again 6 months later but ended up not doing I guess due to feeling pleased and complacent from the normal smear.

Well this month I had another smear and it's come back borderline with HPV infection and finally a referral for a colposcopy. OK so now I'm scared. I have been with my partner 3 years. I know from when I got tested for HPV I must have contracted it within 5-7 years ago. Therefore I feel like I am obviously at huge risk of cervical cancer because my infection is persistent and hasn't cleared within the 2 years so often cited. I'm scared after all these borderline smears that I am going to find out from my colposcopy that I have CIN3. I am only 25 I want to have kids in the future. I don't want any aggressive treatment that may jeopodise this :-( would really appreciate hearing from some women who have gone through all this process.

I would also like to know how many women here go through these treatments and then have a repeat smear and it's STILL abnormal? They say treatment is nearly 100% success rate yet I seem to read countless stories on here about women having to return for repeat procedures.


Hello, thought I'd post as your situation is almost the same as mine. Iv been with my partner since I was 17 (I'm now 26) my first smear - borderline 6 months later 2nd smear borderline 6 months later 3rd smear Normal, another 6 months later 4th smear borderline plus HPV positive. The 4th one was the 1st and only one of my smears that was tested for HPV, so I'm thinking the same as you, the fact I must of had this for a good few years and so why hasn't my body fought the HPV off. I had my colposcopy on the 6th feb, biopsy result was "ungradeable CIN" and I'm now booked in for a lletz a week tomorrow 27th march. Maybe after the lletz il get a more accurate grading. Yet just wanted to post as I personally think they will make you have a lletz too due to the HPV which doesn't seem to be going, along with the abnormal cells. So be prepared for them to say you need treatment. If they offer it to you on the day of your colposcopy then take it as you will wait about 4 weeks less then (nightmare waiting) hope you are ok  xxx