Waiting for colposcopy biopsy results - Cin 2

I am 27 and i went for my smear test in April 2021 i was 26 then, last week i got my results that i have hpv and high grade moderate dyskeryoisis. I also received a letter few days later with a colposcopy appointment which was yesterday.

At the colposcopy they asked few questions about periods and whether i have any children, my periods changed last year but went back to normal 2 months ago and i have no children but i am wanting to have them which is the reason i went for smear test,

the colposopy was a bad experience for me as i am prone to panic attacks, the vinegar spray stung and the biopsy hurt, they said because of my age they are not going to do treatment until the results from biopsy comes back, once they know the results it will either be lletz or a watch and wait game incase the cells go back to normal.

My questions are if anyone knows:
When will i know its safe to start trying for a baby, if its a watch and wait and a smear test every year, do i have to wait until a smear comes back normal?
if its lletz treatment- i have read that alot of people have had long term side effects, i dont know which is worse the possible cell changes or the long term possible side effects?

i am currently waiting for my biopsy results that they have said will take around 6 weeks.

at the colposcopy they said that its likely Cin 2 and its only a small area

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Hi Bunnyman

I had a lletz for cin2 3 and a half weeks ago. I had gas and air which was a very wise decision. My recovery hasn’t been great but I think I’ve been unlucky. I don’t think long term side effects are that common but they do happen. There is research on this on the site.
However I am post menopause so that would be the recommended treatment as I no longer need to think of childbearing.
I read that childbearing after a moderate lletz does not have much more risk, it’s only more extensive or second treatments. So I suppose there is an argument for early intervention.
They use watch and wait though because cin is easier cleared by younger women.

With regards to conception, I would ask them as I’m not sure. Ultimately you need to have a big input in any treatments

hey, thank you for your reply, im sorry youve had to go through this too. its so stressful because i was planning for baby, so i got smear first and never thought i would get these results and have to make these decisions. if id already had kids i think it would make my decision easier. The doctor did say its likely because of my age that they may just watch and wait because theres a 60% chance it could go back to normal by itself but it depends on the biopsy results.
i need to talk to doctor about whether its safe to try for a baby while watching and waiting or before treatment or after…

ive found on forums that alot of women had loss of feeling and infertility and pain that wont go away after lletz, there was also a petition that was online for doctors to do more research about the nerves in the cervix and to tell people what the real risks are before having the treatment.
But i also dont know the statistics so i dont know whether its a small chance or greater risk.

i guess i will have to wait for my results to know what to do
thankyou for sharing your story you have helped

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Hi again :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about the loss of feeling as not had sex after Lletz yet. Probably not wise with an infection ….
I’m not sure if it was my imagination but I felt penetration was a little uncomfortable before. Might have been I had a slight raw patch on my cervix ( I had a look as have a speculum). So hoping it will be better.
I think just discuss abs don’t let them hurry you to decisions. Lletz is worth avoiding but not if the risks are high.

I think they said to avoid having sex for 4 weeks or longer until its healed after lletz, im guessing the infection is one of the side effects that can happen, i hope you are feeling okay!
I think it just affects everyone differently but its scary to not know the outcome, and thanks i will be doing more research into it before any decision is made, i think id want to avoid it if i can but if the results show that its urgent and best i may not be able to avoid it then.

waiting for results is so long

im hoping your recovery will be okay

Hi Bunnymom,

I completely understand the added stress that the thought of any delay your conception can add, although you are young and can definitely afford to wait and make sure you’re healthy before you set off on that journey.

Others experiences will never be the same as your own :slight_smile:

I also had positive smear and high grade dyskariosis in November last year aged 36. It was a complete shock as I’ve always had my smears and they’ve always been negative.

My partner and I had only recently decided to try for a baby, he has a daughter but I have no children of my own. Following the colposcopy I had LLETZ in December which found Cin 3.

I had my test of cure last month and was discharged yesterday after a second colposcopy showed no signs of HPV or cell changes.

It’s wise to speak to your GP or the colposcopy team about next steps but if you’re watching and waiting I would think your next smear will be alot sooner and worth getting out of the way first.

Good luck x

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Thankyou for sharing! i am glad you are all clear now and i hope for the best in your journey of becoming a mother.

I wont be deciding anything until i get the biopsy results then i will talk to my doctor to see what the best thing to do it.

my fear is that i could be watching and waiting and then no changes in 6 months then watch and wait again and it may be worse next year to then need treatment and wait even longer, i just wander if its best to try for baby first then get treatment after if needed, i dont want more than 1 child so if the treatment did affect fertility etc then it wouldnt matter as much if id already had a baby.

many women have said to have done it that way and it worked out well but i think it all depends on results and what the doctor says.

thankyou again if i have to do lletz first then your story gives me hope.

Thank you :blush:
I don’t think there’s any rule that you have to or should wait, I didn’t stop trying after my lletz and before my test of cure, I know it’s not quite the same but I was never told not to.

I was reassured at my LLETZ appointment that these high risk cells could turn into cancer if left for years (the amount of years wasn’t specified but she seemed to indicate it would be a long time).

In that case it wouldnt seem risky to me that you could conceive, have a baby and then have your next smear after delivery, provided that if you’ve not conceived you don’t put off the smear… Just a thought to run past your GP or colposcopist :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thankyou for your reply.

Thats what ive been thinking all of what you said, i think its 10-20 years 5 years depending on how severe it is that it could possibly turn into cancer, it may never turn into cancer but its not worth the risk if the cells get worse.

when i told the colposcopist about trying for baby they never said to stop or hold off.

and oh yeah for sure i will attend smears either way

thankyou for all your advice and information

Yeah I was never told to stop trying, although obviously the recovery from the lletz kinda stopped us for a bit! Ah I really hope it all goes well for you. Good luck with both! x

Thank you :slight_smile: good luck for you also i hope everything works out

UPDATE - just in case anyone is reading and was wandering, i got my biopsy results and it came back CIN 1 to 3 - they found all 3 in one area and was booked in for lletz treatment the following week, which was Wednesday 2 days ago, After the procedure they said they have removed the area and are certain they got everything - they said it shouldn’t effect me from being able to have a baby which is good to hear.

I was anxious and nervous before having the procedure and there was many stories online that made me fear it. But like most people on this forum it wasn’t as bad as i thought but everyone has different experiences. When i got to the hospital the doctor that i had last time didn’t turn up so they had to send someone from a different hospital which made me relieved because it was a bad experience last time in the biopsy - this time all the doctors and nurses were kind and lovely, the doctor asks you some questions for about 10 minutes and you can ask yours, then they asked me to take a pregnancy test, they give you a cup to pee in to make sure its negative before the procedure, they guided me to the chair where they had movable foot rests, and then they use the speculum like the one in the smear test, spray vinegar to highlight the abnormal area and inject the local anesthesia to make the area numb, they then use the thin wire loop that’s heated with an electric current to remove the area- I didn’t feel it much just knew something was prodding there and it was all done in less then 10 minutes.

Afterwards they go though what you cant do after like, don’t have sex for 4-6 weeks until the bleeding and discharge has stopped, don’t take baths, don’t swim and don’t do any heavy cleaning for 5 days.

I am 3 days post lletz and i’m feeling okay, the first day i had mild cramping pinching feeling, yesterday i had the same feeling but with fatigue and felt bit run down and today i’m feeling okay enough to potter around the house and only had light bleeding on and off so far.

I’m not going to lie it was not a nice experience but it was not as bad as i expected and its over before you know it.

I hope this will help anyone who is going through the same thing.

I just got my results back from Lletz - The letter said they got everything and that it was Cin 2 - and that they have discharged me from the colposcopy so i just have to get the regular smear in 6 months and if thats all clear back to every 3 years… i am relieved its over

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