Waiting for Colposcopy appointment after 6 week period

Hi everyone,

I have been on the implant for a year and a half and im 23. During my first year I had no period at all and then all of a sudden after around a year and 2 months I started to have a period every month that would last around 8-10 days. Over the last few months my periods have been getting longer and have been lasting around 2-3 weeks. This time I have had my period for 6 weeks (and still going) so 4 weeks ago I decided to go and get it checked out with my local nurse. 

They decided to do a full STI check and have a look at my cervix. When she looked at my cervix she noticed pale areas that looked a bit unusual so she decided I needed to come back a week later to double check if it was still there (she said pale regions on the cervix can be due to hormonal imbalances etc). When I went back a week later, all of my STI tests came back negative but the pale regions on my cervix were still there. She said she would make me an appontment to have a colposcopy because she can't do a smear test as I'm too young.

In the mean time, it's been around 3 weeks now since then and I still haven't got my appointment and I'm so worried. My period has gotten heavy again and I'm worried it could be cervical cancer.

How long is it until you get your appointment for a colposcopy and does anyone know why I could have pale regions on my cervix (has anyone had this before)? I might go back to my doctors next week and tell them I'm very concerned because i'm still bleeding. I don't know if it is my implant causing this strange bleeding or if it could be something worse.

Thanks in advance for your help.