Waiting for biopsy results...

Hi everyone
I’ve been waiting two weeks for my biopsy results and still nothing…
I’m going insane!!
Is this a good sign?!
Surely they would have called me by now if it was cancer?
I was told I have abnormal blood vessels…and that my cervix looks a little suspicious… but I had a normal smear the same month??
Anyone else had a biopsy and it all be fine??
Melissa xx

Hi there. I had a normal smear, followed by colposcopy for ectropian. My biopsy was normal other than the HPV virus. My next smear is due in Nov as normal. Have you tried calling the clinic to see if they will discuss? Also were you referred from your doctor as they'll have received your biopsy result and sometimes receive the result quicker from the lab than the clinic at the hospital do. X

Hello thanks for your reply.

Yes I've rang the clinic and they can't discuss anything with me... she won't tell me anything! Also I've rang my gp and they are going to chase it for me.

But I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had a normal smear but still been refered for a colposcopy and biopsy.

An ecteopian was found at my smear.

I'm glad all your results were fine. X

My nurse wouldn't do a smear cos it was up to date so she went from my previous smear in 2013. Because I was having bleeding in between periods and she spotted and ectropian they automatically biopsied the area routinely. I freaked as wasn't expecting a biopsy but it did turn out all ok for me and I am sure it will for you. I have read up on red blood vessels on cervix and it appears they are common too. When I had issues with bowels I had a camera to check things out and they saw blood vessels on the camera up my behind and that was normal. Here's hoping your results are with you asap x

Thanks for your reply!

Oh i'm glad yours all turned out ok for you!!

it is very worrying isn't it!

I might chase them today because I am getting really fed up now with waiting... it's terrible.