Waiting for biopsy results

Went to the doctors Christmas Eve as having severe lower back pain and abdomal pain and abnormal bleeding for about 6 months as I was 18 months overdue for smear doctor suggested one to if anything to cancel cc out, Had smear on the 31/12/15 which showed high grade changes, had colospscy 22/01/16 and had loop and samples taken for biopsy an was told 4-6 weeks for the results now between 6-7 weeks so chased today and was told there 6-8 weeks behind so worried and sick with all this waiting!! Still having problems and another doctor has requested a ultrasound scan of my uterus and pelvic organs because my symptoms are not normal which is in a few weeks, so confused also as abnormal cells have been taken away so surly if there was cc there isn’t now? Or is there more to it then that?also cells were in birth cannel could some have been missed or not seen if we’re higher up? So many questions I know but all the info I read/hear is conflicting