Waiting for Biopsy results

I feel like i am going mad here waiting for the biopsy results… it has been a week and half since i had my colposcopy and biopsy done and i just cant stand the waiting anymore.

I just called the hospital to check if they are in yet and they said they are not allowed to give results over the phone which i was half expecting them to say but they wouldnt even tell me if they had them yet or not…

I cant stand this waiting anymore… why do these things have to take soooo long?!

I’m currently on maternity leave with my 2nd child and whilst i have them to keep me busy on days like today where eldest is in nursery and just have the little one- when he naps all i think about is this now… if i was at work then i would have mlre to take my mind off things. Even when my hubby comes home he doesnt want to talk about it as doesnt seem to understand why i am so frustrated with the waiting… he says “they will be here when there here, no point worrying til then” but i dont find it as simple as that!

Sorry for ranting on!


The waiting is actually the worst part of this whole process! I've had nothing but waiting and waiting and waiting (9 weeks for results of smear test and then nearly 9 weeks for biopsy results). People kept saying to me "oh if it was anything serious they wouldn't let you wait that long!" Unless you are going through it, people just don't understand.

I am now booked in for treatment of CIN 2 next week and it sounds strange but I cannot wait! Finally (hopefully) all of this will be over! 

If you want to know if results are in you can ring your doctor. They sometimes have them earlier than we do and they should be able to put your mind at rest. Try and keep as busy as possible and don't google! Feel free to message me if you need a rant or just someone to have a chat to to stop yourself going mad!


Charlene xx

I've been waiting a week and a half also. I phoned after a week and was told results could take 6! Trying to keep busy but so distracted.

I'm 27, no kids yet, smear at 25 normal but cervical erosion due to pill so referred for treatment which she couldn't carry out as there had been 'cell changes' which was a shock. Punch biopsy done, now the waiting game. Come off pill too so try to help the erosion. Hoping the result is low grade and treatable but always worry it's worse... :( hmmphh..

Thanks for replying its nice to hear from people who understand... it s so hard and like you say nobody seems to understand unless going though it.

Charlene - can not believe that you had to wait 9 wks for smear then 9 weeks for biopsy and another 2 for treatment... that is absolutly terrible.... i dont know how on earth you coped with that long, really hope mine dont take that long.  and I hope that it is finally over for you once you have had the treatment. Xx

Nicky- again 6 weeks is such a long time... i really dont know why it could possibly take so long.  Sounds like we've got a way to go before results are in... really hope yours come back ok xx

I am also waiting for my results after lletz which was 11 days ago, the anxiety of waiting for the results is awful, I'm in mess in the mornings wondering if my phone is going to ring, and then if there's any letters for me . it really is a awful waiting game, but it does make it easier to talk to women going through exactly the same thing, if it wasn't for this forum I think I would of gone insane by now!

lots of love an hugs to you ladies xx

Thank you Kirstyjane... this forum is amazing so many nice people and some amazingly strong women too (reading some of the things other people have been through and then the support they give to others is so lovely) 

i have been on here virtually everyday since my biopsy as trying to stay away from other sites on google..  

When i do distract myself for a short while my phone rings or post comes and then theres noting i get a little upset when its not my results and then start thinking about it all again... but from reading others it sounds like we might be in for a longer wait  

Hope that when your results come they are good results xx

aw thank you sunshine, I've been on here everyday to, it's a great help, you are all amazing. hopefully we won't have to wait to long and all will be good news for us. if you ever need to chat just give me a message. 

hugs xx

I had terrible anxiety! It got to the point where I would jump and have palpitations when I heard the letter box. Then one day something inside of me clicked and the anxiety just went away and I felt brave enough to phone for my results! I think a lot of anxiety is just down to it all being out of our control. Once I felt back in control and was phoning the colposcopy department to chase up results I felt OK! In fact the anxiety just turned to me being annoyed that they made me wait so long!

I am in a much better place now and looking forward to treatment next Tuesday lol any excuse to miss gym sessions for a few weeks!! 

Hopefully this will all be over soon for us and we can put it to the back of our minds for a few months until the next smear test...

Sending lots of positive thoughts to you all!