Waiting for biopsy results


Im 24 and just had my first smear. It came back positive for HPV and evidence of high grade severe dyskaryosis. 

I went in for the colposcopy and after the Dr looked i had to have a biopsy. After they took a sample they said i can expect the results in 4 weeks.

I'm really worried now, as the Dr explained it to me as; low to cancer takes 20 years and severe to cancer takes 2 and im on severe. I'm upset and worried about this and i have been googling wich does and doesnt help at the same time.

Any body else in a similar position? Or know what sort of thing the results can say?

Thank you

Ellen x

Hi hunni I had mild changes and high risk hpv I went for the colposcopy and they told me it was severe changes I had my LLETZ two weeks after under general as cervix to high where they took a biopsy and removed the cells! Waited a long 4 weeks (this is the worst part the wait you become obsessed with postman pat) but try n keep busy, 4 weeks and 3 days had my results Saturday cin2 and no other abnormalities, smear in 6 months! I know the wait is very hard but your in the system and they will sort you! Xxx