Waiting for biopsy results

Hi all, I am currently waiting for results of biopsy I had done exactly 3 weeks ago. I called the hospital last week and the receptionist said the results were in, but I would have to wait for letter as consultant had not seen them. I asked her if they were ok and she said it wasn't bad, I also asked if it was likely I would have to go back for further treatment and she asked someone who said it was highly unlikely. My 2 questions are, is receptionist able to tell me that or was she fobbing me off and if I need no further treatment when i had high results on my smear. I am so impatient with this waiting game. Anyone have a similar situation of being told by receptionist when all looked ok and it wasn't?? Thank you Ladies :-)

Just had results which confirmed all ok and back in 6 months. Wishing all of you who are worrying, struggling or enduring treatment my best wishes for a positive future.

Glad to hear your results came back OK :) xxx

Great news! :) xxx