Waiting for biopsy results still after 7 weeks

Hello, I am a newbie and just really hoping to get some reassurance. I have had a nightmare since my first smear in 2011. with the result coming back as severe dyskaryosis, I trotted off for my first (of many) colposcomy. I then found out I have CIN III which was easily treated with a cone biopsy, I also found out I have VIN III on the outside (my vulva) I had to use a horrible cream which gave me the flu for 3 months and burned all my skin down there. That didn’t work so I had a partial vulvectomy which also removed half my clit.

 A few months later I then used the cream again and it seems to go then keeps coming back. I have a clear smear after my cone biopsy then came back as severe at my next smear. I had laser loop, results came back two weeks later saying CIN III clear margins. I had my next smear 6 months later clear.

My last smear at the end of oct came back as severe dyskaryosis.  My doctor was really nice but was shocked at it coming back as severe so quickly. I then had to have a large loop excision as he couldnt see the area which needed treatment. He told me he took away about 2/3rds of what was left of my cervix. The whole thing was horrendous but my doctor was very nice. Since I had it done I have bled continuously, it varies from light bloody discharge to heavy heavy. I am now on my 2nd set of antibiotics.


He told me I will get my results in 4-6 weeks. This was 7 weeks ago and I still haven’t got them. I have tried calling the hospital but the receptionist said she doesn’t think it has been long enough and keeps repeating she couldn’t give me the results over the phone anyway. I am just so worried they have got lost and I am going to have to go through the whole thing again! I am really hoping someone can tell me that they got there results after 6weeks. I cannot find anything online myself regarding not receiving results within a 6 week time frame or give me an idea on what to do to find my results. This whole thing is driving me insane. Every time the post comes or phone rings for almost 2 months I have been on edge, all through Christmas!! Sorry for the rant, I do not have anyone to talk to about this.

Oh, Lozzy Lou! What a nightmare you've had.  You really don't deserve to be fobbed off like this!  Seven weeks is far too long to be waiting. I think the receptionist doesn't really understand the situation you are in and is treating you like just another name on a list. Obviously,  I don't know exactly what you said to her last time but it's disappointing they didn't offer to investigate.  I'm not surprised it's driving you insane. You've been stressed for 7 weeks - that's not good.

If it was me I  would see my GP about this and see if they can put some pressure on. Your health is not great at the moment anyway and all this stress will be making it worse.  Somebody should be able to find out where your biopsy is. I can't imagine it's that hard to find out! Do you have the number of the colposcopy nurse? They might have a bit more understanding of what you're going through. Even if someone says they've got a backlog and they will be looking at yours next week, that would be something.  You'd  know they weren't lost.

Thinking of you and hoping they sort you out soon. :)

Kirsty xx

Hi Lou,

This is outrageous! I imagine it isn't possible to just turn up and thump the desk? (You can do that here ;-)  )  As Kirsty says, get an ally, someone inside the medical system who will jump up and down and shout on your behalf. You shouldn't be going through this, it's not right.

Be lucky


Thanks guys, I thought it wasnt right. I completely agree Kirsty66 if they said they were backed up but gave me a rough idea it would be so much better. I thought its because im now living in a city that the results have taken so long but from my smear results was 10 days and had my colposcomy 2 weeks after that! I now that no news is normally good news but I just couldnt shake off the feeling the biopsy or results went awol. Thanks for you advice Im gonna (try) to be more assertive and call them on monday xx

Hi Lizzy Lou

This is absolutely awful and I agree with everything Kirsty and Tivoli have put.  Its not right to keep you waiting this long, the mental strain must be horrendous.  I would try to speak to a nurse first as it may be a quicker route but if no joy then contact your GP.  Good luck, will be thinking of you.



Thanks Cheryl. I am definately going to call them monday but I will walk up there and sit there until they can say they have the results or at least they havent lost them, if I have too. x


Has anyone had their results lost before? 


I called today and they finally gave my results. CIN III and they are sure the got it all :-) I do not have to go back for another 6 months. Thanks for you advice. Does anyone know if you can prevent it coming back? 

Hi Lozzy, that's great news, very happy for you! Boosting the immune system I believe is the best way to stop it coming back. Healthy eating, lots of fruit and veg, cut back on drinking and stop smoking altogether if you do. If you don't already do those things, don't think og it as a diet, make a lifestyle change to become healthy :)

Hi Lozzy Lou,

Great news! So glad you came back and posted your fabulous news.

Second happy result of the day I have seen :-)

In terms of getting rid of the yucky virus jjcarnage is absolutely right. Eat well and stay healthy, limit stress!

Well done you


Great news,  Lozzy. Thanks for letting us know

As jjcarnage said, try to boost your  immune system by eating healthily.  Good luck!

Kirsty xx

Brilliant news Lozzy - so so pleased for you!  The ladies above are right, live healthily and boost your immune system.  Green tea is supposed to help and is said to have anti cancer properties.  The tea tastes yuck so I take a supplement.  Don't know if it helps but is sure worth a try!

Best of luck for the future.



Hurrah! Great News LozzyLou! Thanks for letting us know :-D

[Cheryl; Twinings Green Tea with lemon isn't quite as bad as some ;-)  ]

Be lucky


Just received my results this morning too, and they believe they got everything, wahoo!! Back again in June for a check.

Here's to healthy living, enjoying the things that make you happy, and leaving out that things that don't  ;-)

Here's to that, indeed! :)

Really glad you got good results, JJ! Brilliant news!


Great news Jjcarnage! Very happy indeed for you x

Congratulations JJ! And very well said!

Right, who's coming round to clean my windows?

;-) xxxxx