Waiting for biopsy results following colposcopy


I received an abnormal smear which had a borderline result and when I went for the colposcopy the doctor explained that depending on what he saw he would either do the lettzz treatment under local or take a biopsy. 

When started looking he seemed concerned and started asking me questions such as do i bleed when I have sex etc and I said no ... though I am now thinking that I should have explained that since I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome we don't really have sex as im too tired and never in the mood... also I find it uncomfortable now. 

He then said he didn't agree with the smear results and wanted to take a biopsy .... he was also concerned when he struggled to stop the bleeding after the biopsy .... I had to go home in doctors scrubs as my dress was saturated in blood.... After all this he said to the nurse to walk me out and make sure I'm booked in for straight after my next period to see him again. He said I would receive a letter in the next couple of weeks oh and also kept asking whether my previous smear was clear....

i went into this appt quite possitive thinking it was just routine but now have come away worried .... since then have seen all my symptoms match up with cervical cancer including my fatigue, lower back pain, pain during sex etc... how long do Biopsy results take and will I receive it before the next appt? Am I right to be concerned with what the doctor was asking etc?


Mine took exactly 4 weeks to come by letter, all them questions they ask everyone so try not to worry I know it's easy to say don't worry when ur mind races,