Waiting for biopsy results and symptoms are getting worse.

Hello . After my first smear came back as CIN 3, I've had a colposcopy, lletz and biopsy. Im waiting for the results and it is so hard, I can stop worrying. For the past few months I've had heavy discharge, urinating 24/7, lower back pain, pain during sex, blood in my urine and leg pain. Now today I've started to pass alot of blood with my bowl movement and it's very painful afterwards. Has anyone else experienced this? Xx

Hi Hope. Sounds like you need to go back to your specialist nurse or even your go. We all worry waiting for results but your symptoms sound like a real nuisance and must be getting you down. They are used to people wanting more information, we all think of stuff to ask as we walk out the door. Go back with a list of questions and ask for time with one of the nutseswho will explain what's going on.

Good luck