Waiting for biopsy after pap said stage 0

I went for a Pap smear and it came back stage 0, HPV 16. When I had my colposcopy done, the doctor said it looked real bad and she also said I had a fairly big carcinoma at the top of my cervix and I would definitely need treatment. When I asked what kind of treatment she said hysterectomy and probably other treatments. That they would refer me to a gyn oncology. So I guess this is pretty bad? That’s probably a stupid question. 

I wont get my results for 1-2 weeks. I’m new to all this, and am just scared. Thank you

Hello Regena :-)

I am so sorry to see that nobody has responded to you. I hope you are still around on the forum and get this message.

I'm sorry to say that I have no experience at all of stage 0, but my understanding is that it isn't something to be too terribly worried about. It means that it hasn't begun to spread, so that is good news.

Hysterectomy is standard procedure for small cancers, larger ones are treated with chemo/radiation therapies. All of these treatments are far easier to manage than they might sound, so please try not to be too frightened by the prospect.

I hope that by now you have received your results and are well on the way to having a treatment plan in place.

Be lucky :-)