Waiting for answers


So after an abnormal smear I was told I needed to go to hospital 3 days later. I was never told what for but I turned up petrified and emotional. They told me what they needed to do but as I was flying on holiday the next day I was told to return the following week.

It turned out I had CGIN high grade with possible CIN3. I had the LLETZ treatment that day under LA, the nurses were fantastic and really put me at ease. I didn't do to well after this and was expecting the pain to only last for 3/4 days max looking at all the literature but I got an infection and was in pain for 2 weeks. However I had become quite positive - strange for me - that I was going to be OK, I kept going over what the nurses said to me and they seemed pleased with what they removed.

I came home from work Friday to a letter from the hospital - not concerned I ripped open the letter to be told that I have to go back. Nothing more in the letter other than a date, time. and the consulatnt I'm seeing - he looked after my mother in law when she got diagnoised with Ovanrian Cancer.

My appointment isn't for 2 weeks but now my mind is going crazy with what if's and maybe's, so staying away from google I need to know what this appointment could be for? Is it the dreaded 'C' word or could it be something else? They were very clear that if the margins came back they would nt call me in for 6 months, and what scares me is they haven't put 'what I have' in the letter.

So what do I do? before I go crazy please help me!




22/3/17 - Smear

20/4/17 - LLETZ treatment - CGIN High Grade

12/5/17 -  Letter arrived 

1/6/17 - appointment with consultant



It might just be that the margins werent clear and they want to discuss further treatment with you.. Like cone?

it will be impossible not to worry until your app... Distraction probably the best option.

good luck xx



I had the same thing after two Lletz. They will want to be extra precautious because it is CGIN (which can be multi-focal and not so easy to monitor) and maybe, as Beyond Concern said, they might not have clear margins. I've just had my 3rd Lletz to deal with it and am waiting for the results. 

Good luck!