Waiting for an appointment


this is the first time I have ever been on this website. I'm 24 and been having bleeding after sex for about 6 weeks. I went to my doctor who asked me a few questions and then examined me. she said there was an abnormality at the top of my cervix and referred me to the hospital and said I would more than likely to need a biopsy. She said to try not to worry and it could be down to hormonal changes. As you can imagine I'm feeling very frightened by it all. my nan had cervical cancer and had a hysterectimy several years ago. I don't know if this places me at a higher chance of cervical cancer. Any advice/support would be appreciated. Thank you 

Hello! I have no useful input on this but I didn't want to read and run. It's a shame that you weren't given a bit more info at the appointment as not having info is what causes most anxiety I think! If it's driving you mad then I think it's sensible to make another GP appointment to discuss it: you should not have to go through so much worry. I wonder if it is maybe 'cervical ectropian' as described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cervical_ectropion which is more common in younger women and can cause bleeding after sex. That is a non-cancerous condition, and it can be treated if it's causing symptoms.

Things I have read tell me that there is no genetic link to getting cervical cancer but obviously I'm no expert: again this could be something to mention to your GP so she can understand how anxious you are about it. A colposcopy with biopsy isn't a horrible procedure, either. Any idea how long you'll have to wait? xxx