Waiting for a GP appointment...

Hi ladies, and all the others!

I've just joined this forum after experiencing worrying symptoms and reading into them a little.

For a while, I've had occasional bleeding after sex, which I thought nothing of until it happened at least five or six times just in the last two weeks. I experience pain in my abdomen during sex sometimes, and again thought nothing of it, putting it down to position etc.

I've also experienced discharge with strange smells, and sometimes with blood in it. Also for a while I've been constipated and have pain frequently in my lower back, abdomen, chest, and legs. 

Im sure I've missed something, and I know it probably sounds like I'm reading too much into it or connecting unconnected symptoms but I'm worrying so much!

I rang for an appointment with the GP and the earliest they can do is the 30th of September! That's 16 days away! :( 

Is there any reassurance any of you can give, or have you had these symptoms yourself? I'm mostly worried about the bleeding after sex, it doesn't happen every single time but it's happened enough to worry me!!

thank you all! 

Sorry you are going through this. That's crazy about the appointment.  Did you say what it was about? Maybe you can ask for a telephone consultation? I bet they will get you in quicker.

I have had similar symproms, doc referred for very heavy menstrual bleeding and I bled after sex although it was only once. Few months later had an endometrial ablation as there was a thickening of endometrium (this was biopsies and came back fine) since then ( last sept) I have been having pain in my lower back left side, left groin pain and a discharge. as I have 6 children my cervix is quite low and so with careful positioning I can feel it myself (gross I know) but had a check and felt a lump. Straight to go next day and nurse had a look and says it looks fine it's just a labothian cyst, and she couldn't do a smear for me because they can only do when requested for one as per your routine. I did initially feel relieved but I'm just not convinced, I'm shattered all the time, have pain in my chest and breast area and feel sick and dizzy occasionally. What do you think? I'm unsure wether lower back pain from cc would be constant as mine does wane somewhat from morning to evening and sometimes goes away for about a week or so then comes back, sorry for the long post