Waiting for a fast track referal

Hi all I am not sure if this is the right place to post so sorry in advance.  I’m worried sick at the moment as I have been suffering with abnormal bleeding, pain and bleeding during and after sex unusual discharge and lower tummy and back ache.  I went to the doctors and they examined me and have said my cervix is red and inflamed and bled every time she touched it.  She told me she would do a fast track referal and they may want to do a biopsy.  The doctor also started me on anti bibiotics .  I am worried that she is quite certain that she feels I have cervical cancer and I have been having symptoms since feb this year.  I am up to date with my smears and they have always come back normal.  Any advice would be much appreciated 

Hiya, sorry that you are worried about this. They might be thinking that you have an infection on your cervix and they have given you antibiotics to clear this up. As for the biopsy, they are trying to rule out anything sinister by doing this. I know it's hard not to worry but just wait for your biopsy appointment and if you think of any questions in the meantime write them down so that you can remember to ask them at the appointment. Good luck!