Waiting for a colposcopy appointment

I received the results of my smear test 1 week ago, informing me that I was HPV positive and had low-grade dyskaryosis.

The letter (which came from the Cervical Screening Administration Service, not my GP) states that an appointment has been requested for me at a hospital outpatient clinic, but a week has passed and I haven’t heard anything.

I called my GP to chase this, but they said that because the letter came from the Cervical Screening Administration Service, they have no further information. There is no contact number on my letter, so I am wondering how I can chase up my appointment?

I’ve been quite worried since I received my results, and would at least like to know when my appointment will be.

Has anyone experienced this before? Do you know if there is a contact number I can call to chase?

Thank you!

Hello HJC92

I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. I’m exactly the same. Smear and positive HPV and low grade diskaryosis.

I got my letter from screening advising of the above on 22.10.21 and hospital appointment letter quickly on 26.10.21 with an appointment on first week January 2022. A long worrying wait but I’ve managed to get a cancellation on 16.12.21 as I’m on holiday in January.

My doctor also wrote to me saying “your smear showed some HP viruses. They are causing some minor irritation to the cells of your cervix so the laboratory recommended a referral to colposcopy clinic for further indirection. The clinic will be in touch regarding an appointment. Often these Ganges sort themselves out but sometimes treatment can be helpful.”

I really worried when I first got the letters but now I’ve managed to put it to the back of my mind for now. I had the same six years ago and a clear smear 3 years ago but it’s a horrible cycle.

All health boards are different but if you don’t get your colposcopy appointment in a week then I’d ring your doctors again. Last resort ring colposcopy at your local hospital and ask for reassurance and an appointment. They are usually very helpful.

Hope you get it sorted soon and your investigations show no cause for concern. It’s hard being female sometimes x

Hi Jenny,

Thanks so much for your reply, and sorry that you’ve had a tough time of it as well, going through this twice. Gosh January seems like a while away, but I’m glad you’ve managed to get a cancellation. I feel like I’m in limbo at the minute, I think a date (even if it’s early next year) will help put my mind at ease a little bit, but I know these things can take time.

Thanks for the advice around who to contact - I’ll give it a week and then try both the doctors and colposcopy at my local hospital, as you mentioned.

Fingers crossed for you too, I’m sure it will be fine. Us women might go through a lot, but we’re made of strong stuff! x

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Hi. If its any help. I got my smear results back in August and Coloposcopy wasn’t till November. That came in a separate letter about 3 weeks later
Good luck. The waiting part is a bloody nightmare.
I’m 1 week in to waiting to get biopsy results. Just another 2/3 weeks to go hopefully.

We are. Hope you get your appointment through very soon x

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Hi Chunli,

So sorry to hear that you’re experiencing lots of waiting too - I hear that can often be the worst bit! I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait it out.

All the best for your biopsy results, hope they’re all clear and nothing to worry about.