Waiting feels like forever

Hi all I've come here to vent and maybe share experience? I'm 25 and have 2 children. I had my colposcopy on 21st March and I'm still awaiting results. I've called the hospital to ask for a progress update. The first lady said theres a back log at the path lab and that was why results were taking so long to cone back. The second lady told me that more complicated results take longer. Does this mean I'm complicated? If I'm honest I am so scared of anything that could be c. Every year for the past 3 years I've had to have biopsies for one thing or another. Last year a cyst on my ovary the year before an lump on my breast that the doctors and nurses seemed to panic about. Those came back just fine. However, I can't help but feel that it can't stay all good news all the time? In my head probability says I'm not going to escape this time. I know that's probably irrational but Its frustrating. I'm so worried about the results that I took a week off work to get my head round every possibility. In that time my work place closed down leaving me no job and far too much time for my mind to wander. I can honestly say the colposcopy was probably one of the most frightening things I've ever experienced. A room full of pepole, more people than you get on a delivery suite for birth. Admittedly I was asked whether I'd mind a trainee, but when there's already 5 people in the room what difference does a 6th pair of eyes make plus I'm all for learning. The colposcopist I had was a male, he confirmed the high grade (severe) abnormality whilst I was there. He advised he wouldn't be able to treat it at the appointment as the area is too large and would need to be done under a general anaesthetic once the biopsy results came back. He also said once the results are back he doesn't want to waste any time at all and wants to get it his all sorted so within two weeks of receiving results I should have a treatment plan and be all sorted. I can't stand the wait. The word 'complex result" made me think maybe it's the worst. Gah waiting is so so very horrible.

Hello my lovely, 

Waiting sadly is the hardest thing, have you received your results now. I am currently going through same thing. I have a colposcopy booked tomorrow, after my doctor found a large red angry mark on my cervix. 

The reason for my reply is, you sound very similar to myself. I am 30 with 2 children have PCOS and fyrobcystic breasts. I am very much the same this time, I keep wondering when my luck will run out and a lump won't just be a lump. 

Do you suffer from PCOS as well or just the odd cyst? Sadly there is a large link between PCOS and fybrocystic breasts .

I hope you are well X 


The waiting is the worst. I am three weeks post LLETZ for CGIN and still waiting for results and possibly more treatment. Part of me thinks no news is good news and the other part of me thinks. Just tell me already! 

Good luck x