Waiting Buddy



My smear came back as low level with evidence of hpv and I am hoping to find someone on here that is also waiting for a colposcopy to talk to as I'm struggling to keep calm and I don't want to worry my family at the moment.  Thanks 



I am too waiting for my colposcopy And biopsy, but my results are high grade - Moderate.  

But in my opinion you should speak to people you close with. It helped me a lot to share it with my friends and to get their support. 

Hi Happygolucky

sorry to hear you are waiting for your colposcopy but try not to worry. I am now waiting for my second one :( had my first back in October as my smear showed severe changes. The procedure itself sounds worse than it is - I think its the waiting for results that is the worse. my results for my lletz performed during the colposcopy came back within 4 weeks to show CGIN (inside cervix) and CIN2 (outside cervix) but that all have been removed. I have my 6 month follow up smear in April only to be told the results showed borderline changes and I need a second colposcopy.

i completely understand where you are coming from as I too turned to this forum for support as I wanted to appear strong to my family and friends so they didn't worry. 

If I can help answer any questions please let me know.


Anyone got there colposcopy dates yet 

I have mine on 13th June x