Waiting and worrying (children mentioned)

Hi, after lurking for a while now i decided to join and post.
I’m 42 with two children, 18 and 14, and have always had regular, clear smear tests. This time i was in for a shock, i had my smear on mon 1st July and on Sat 6th July i had a letter saying i had severe dyskaryosis.
I was booked in at the Colposcopy clinic on 31st July where they took 3 biopsies. after hearing absolutely nothing for 5 weeks following that (no call no letter) i got intouch with them to be told i needed Lletz sooner rather than later and they booked me in for that last weds 18th september under GA.
The letter they sent home with me from hospital says… DIAGNOSES- Severe cervical dysplasia, not elsewhere classified. under PROCEDURE/INVESTIGATIONS they’ve put CONE BIOPSY OF CERVIX UTERI NEC
Thats all the info but since having the procedure weds i’ve had no bleeding, not even a spot, minimal tummy pain but what i do have is this leaking of water? I can feeling it coming out like when you feel blood coming out during your period. Its enough that i have to wear a pad or i wet through what i’m wearing. Its not smelly, thick, discoloured or anything like that. I wondered if anyone had the same and can tell me what it is and where its coming from? I actually feel like i’m having it too easy at the mo compared to some on here.
Every phone call is giving me the jitters, my postie thinks i’m stalking him and basically nobody else really understands what its like so i’m glad i’ve found this site :slight_smile:


I had that After my LLETZ and cone - it's just where the wound is healing. My doctor said it is like a burn weeping while it heals. It's very unpleasant but goes within a few days :) x

Hi, so you had a cone biopsy and not the Lletz then - thats what is sounds like.   I have no experience of either .....yet.... but hopefully someone will be able to come along and advise if the leaking is normal.  I wonder why the hospital didn't give you post op information so you could know what to expect.

There is a helpline here that you can call for advice so maybe try them tomorrow.  If not can you call the gynae ward where you had the op

Sorry you are going through this - its all such a crap time eh.




I have a similar type of thing going on.

I have just turned 25 and have a 5 year old little girl. 

I started with a lot of discharge about 2 year a go having to wear pads. I had pains in my pelvic area but the doctors weren't concerned.  I asked several times to have a smear but because I wasn't 25 they wouldn't do one. Earlier this year I was getting so frustrated with the amount of discharge I went back to the doctors and got swabs done which were clear. They weren't willing to push things

I took myself somewhere else who said my cervix was inflamed and I was in a lot of pain when he took swabs and it was bleeding. He sent me for a colposcopy

It was over 5 weeks to get an appointment in the mean time I went to my doctors to try and speed things up and he said he wasnt worried it will just be cervicitis and has seen it many time.

My colposcopy showed I had CIN3 and had lletz treatment unded local.

I had it done in may and have had shooting pains in my cervix now and again I have a large amount of very watery discharge which seems to be getting worse. I went to my doctors thinking it could be an infection but everything was clear but she checked my cervix and wasnt happy with was she saw.  It was very inflamed and swollen and mentioned something about the glands so she referred me to see someone again.

I go to see the consultant on thursday im worried sick im so scared incase something has come back. 


Thanks for taking the time to reply, i've been away so havent had internet access for a while. Its two weeks today since the Lletz/cone and i havent heard a thing, hopefully thats a good sign? After not having any bleeding i started to a week ago and its got steadily heavier as the days go by, i'm not actually due my period until tomorrow but wonder if its all kind of combined as my period is usually 5 days long and it was a week early after my biopsy as well? So many questions again, sorry x


after having LLETZ I got an infection that was thick and smelly so had antibiotics which quickly cleared it up. I then started my period a few days earlier than expected and it was really heavy!

hope you get sorted

xxx don

I got a letter from the Hospital this morning, its exactly 4 weeks since i went in for the Lletz under GA. The letter said "There was evidence of abnormal cells similar to those seen on your cervical screening but i am hopefull that these have been completely treated".  I phoned them to clarify as the letter as a whole was quite confusing. I apparently had the "bad" cells up to the margins but they are confident with the burning away that they cleared up those ones, none of the cells were cancerous, phew, and to have a checkup in 6 months time once everything has healed, something about "Test of a cure". Anyway, its a relief to finaly hear something and fingers crossed for future smears. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to me, its been a great help to be able to see what experiences others have gone through and to be able to ask questions and know you wont be seen as making a fuss. I hope those that arent as fortunate as me are quickly on the road to recovery, Heidi xxx