Waiting and going insane (children mentioned)

Hi all,

I had biopsies taken in theater last Tuesday, 1 week after gynae appointment and 2 weeks after gp found inflammed cervix. Same gynae did the biopsies and on neither occassion has he even so much as hinted as to what's going on. I'm awaiting results but no app until the 9th June. I had a call from the biopsy nurse on Friday evening, saying that she has been asked to arrange a scan, either ct or mri. I've spent the weekend feeling like I'm on a roller coaster, trying not not fall apart in front of my 2 older children and trying not to smoother the 6 month old with cuddles. Is there an axe hanging over me? What the hell is going to happen treatment wise? Why is no one telling me anything? How have you all got through this horrid waiting stage?? Having spent hours reading on here, I'm trying not to panic but it's impossible. As far as my brain in concerned, I'm doomed but with nothing being said it's so hard not to think anything else but This. 

Hi Erin, poor you, worrying times, you're not alone. 

Unfortunately only those results can tell you what's going on. Some doctors tell people straight away if it looks serious, some don't. They may not be telling you because they may not know yet without investigating further. Its still possible it could be nothing serious. 

Do you know when your CT/MRI will be yet? I know its very hard not to think the worst, it must be natural for us to do that. 

Best of luck xxx

Thanks. Scan is booked for the 4th June and back to see consultant on the 9th.......not long I know but right now it feels like an absolute age. The only comment I have had was from the nurse who said I had the Dr for the job.....whats that supposed to mean??.... sorry there goes the brain again!! Your so right, just from this forum it's clear that waiting is something we have to try and get uzed to. Like others have said, it's the not knowing that's the worst part.