Waiting again & feeling fed up.

Hi Girls,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, it was 2 years in July since I had my trachelectomy and all has been good until about a month ago, I had some post-coital bleeding again, only twice and only small amounts and obviously my head went into panic mode as this was my original symptom that was ignored over 7 years ago, I eventually plucked up enough courage to see my consultant again and she did a smear and said everything looked fine apart from some warty looking lesions. She advised me that it all looked fine and that maybe my bleeding was just because I’d had surgery to my cervix and that it was nothing to worry about.

When she took the smear she said that would ask for the HPV testing too, I asked why as I had presumed that because I had already had cervical cancer and had it removed that I should no longer have HPV, to which she replied, just because you’ve had cervical cancer doesn’t mean that you have had HPV, I think I was pleased by this, but again questioned her, and she just said that because of the warty looking lesion I may have another strain? I don’t know but it’s hit and miss if they do the HPV testing as its only just been rolled out in my area and is subject to certain protocols. Anyways the consultant told me I would here of them in 2 weeks, so the 2 weeks are up and guess what no results, I phoned them up only to be told that because they have moved where they send the smears and changed the system it’s more likely to be 4-6 weeks!!! Do they not realise how much like monsters we will turn into if we have to wait that long?

So I did the, well my consultant told me 2 weeks and I’m not happy, to which I got a reply of well the consultant is wrong so we will contact you with the results when we have them.

So I phoned again yesterday, but this time tried to speak to the consultants secretary, she wasn’t in but another lady said I’ll put you through to the colposcopy secretary and I’m sure she will ring the lab and try and hurry the results along, great I thought! Until I here that familiar voice from the day before, and she here’s mine and as soon as she asks my name I get an instant your results are not in, I told you yesterday they take longer than two weeks, after an emotional rant at her telling her she clearly does not realise what it’s like to have your life on hold I gave up and decided to ring the lab direct, its amazing the telephone numbers you can find on the Internet, I phoned and spoke to a nice lady who I explained I knew would not be able to give me my results but at least give me some more info into how long it would take, they are behind in the results and she was actually apologetic and sympathetic with me, to the point I then felt bad for hounding her, she said it was in the process of being looked at and to ring the hospital back on Friday or Monday and hopefully they will be back.

I’m just so fed up of the waiting again , and the fact that some people just don’t realise the anguish and the emotions involved with waiting for results too. I guess the fact as week that I found out in January that I actually had moderate dyskarosis on a smear in 2007 which was reported as normal

It is awful this waiting game I had smear told 2 weeks was 3 then was told I had servere dysk wud have a colp app in a week again was nearer to 3 they said I'd have results in 2 weeks and appointment will be sent out yet was nearly 5 weeks in my head I was thinking all must be good taking this long but no went to app to be told I had to have surgery as had cin3 again waiting they said 2-4 I be in yet was 6 weeks then got results I fiddle of July to be told I also got cgin high grade and still got the cin so have to wait for mdt meeting and got app in September total joke mean while I'm sat worried sick 

i totally feel your pain the waiting is just awful if its going to be longer they should say that I sometimes think because they deal with this stuff everyday it's not that bigger deal they seem to forget that we don't deal with this every day so we do fret and think the worse I do hope you get your results soon and hope they are good news hugs jayne xxx

Thanks jayne, the fact that your appointment isn't until September I would think is a good thing? Waiting is a nightmare I'm feeling less fed up today, good workout at the gym and a good talking to myself seems to have helped too! I phoned again yesterday and my results still aren't back, going to try again on Monday, it's just I feel like there is always something with me, I thought reaching the 2 year mark after my successful surgery all my waiting issues would be over, but I guess not, also feel like its not going to be good news somehow, same way I felt initially after colposcopy the first time. guess we can't always be positive thinkers!  Also as I said earlier since I found out that I should have had treatment back in 2007 and didn't  and that all this could have been possibly avoided makes me doubt every smear I have now, just feeling a little like my life is on hold, everyone around me is also pregnant, just had babies or trying which makes me question if I'm right putting my career before having children?? Oh well we can only live the life we' be been dealt! 


Thanks for the reply though and I hope all is ok for you too.

sarah xx