Wait time for smear result

Hi, all.

Of course, I'm watching the post like a hawk after my follow up smear last Monday!  The doc said they have to get the result to you within two weeks.

However, when I had my high grade smear last August, I literally got the result in about 4 days.

So... do they 'fast track' high grade letters?

Or was I just 'lucky'?

What sort of waiting time did you all experience?

Can't believe I have to wait at least another 24 hours - argh!


Hi Libby,

As far as we can tell no they don't fast-track high-grade letters because that would involve paying somebody to sort them out into piles and slow down the low-grade letters. Do you think given the state of NHS funding that anybody would be paid to do such a thing?

Hope your wait is over soon with some very good news.

Be lucky


Very true, Tivoli, thanks for the good wishes!

One thing I did think is that they don't HPV test high grade smears, they just send them out based on cytology.  So maybe HPV testing slows down low grade and normal smears (and any smear after LLETZ because of the HPV test of cure)?



Hey Libby, the clinic told me they would write to me in about 3 weeks with the results. Mine was 29 Jan. I have just called them and they said the lab is only up to the 28th Jan at the moment so theyre a little behind.