Wait for Colposcopy 😭

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading through posts for about a week now, 11th May I had a smear test ( I’ve not had one since 2016 due to fear … )
Anyway I have been having some issues which I thought might be peri menopause related ( just turned 43 ). I had been having very heavy periods with lots of massive clots - had internal scans last year and they said probably fibroids and adenomyosis.
GP prescribed tablets to help with the period issues and said I may have to go on the pill eventually , which I really didn’t want. Anyway fast forward to the smear and getting results on the 21st which said high risk HPV and low grade dyskaryosis …. Which was a shock as had never had issues before and been with my husband for 20 years :sob: then today get a letter de: colposcopy and apparently I should get an app within 6 weeks - the smear result letter said it should be within 2 … I don’t think I can cope waiting 6 more weeks of constant worry …

Its so frustrating waiting isnt it, my appointment for my colposcopy isnt till July! Iv symptoms the length of my arm! Where i stay our colposcopy clinic only runs once a week so i have no other option, i am on the cancellation list tho! Hope you get yours soon, i think about it every day and pray my hospital call me up with a last minute appointment! Wishing you well x

Cell changes are nothing to do with your partner, you could be with lots of people or just one and still get HPV!!! It can lay dormant for many years or you last had a smear before they tested HPV so it’s just something they would have not picked up on before a certain year.

If it is low grade it may mean CIN1 in which they would keep an eye on as it can clear in a year but the coloscopy will let them have a closer look. Try not to worry I didn’t realise how common cell changes are in women, but at least it can be kept an eye on so it wont get worse, or it may clear up itself if CIN1


Thank you both for your replies - my hubby is beside himself with worry, which I obviously nice, but I’m trying to put on a brave face :sob:
The not knowing is the worse bit

I’ve called the colposcopy department as still don’t have an appointment and they’ve said it’s taking 10/11 weeks at the moment … my referral was made 19th may :tired_face::tired_face:

I’d take the delay as a good sign, as if there was suspected cancer there you would be seen within 2 weeks. Unfortunately there is a long backlog due to covid, so any non urgent referrals will get bumped for suspected cancer referrals. X

Unfortunately I am having some symptoms too but the doctor has just been throwing medication at me …
Will see what happens I guess!

I’m hoping this is not completely true, I’ve just had my first 6 month smear after colposcopy last year, it took 10 weeks to get those results and then another 3 before I got colposcopy appointment letter which was a fortnight after getting the letter, it’s now been nearly 9 weeks since smear and I’ve still not had results but had my local hospital on the phone yesterday saying they received my referral for colposcopy on Monday and I’m in next Wednesday for it, and currently still not received a copy of actual smear results:(

I suspect each area is working with different time frames at the mo - my smear result was really quick - 2 weeks like the nurse said - but the colposcopy app seems to be the longest waiting time at the moment for me. Xx

Thanks, think I’m just a bit more worried this time as I know everything is still delayed due to COVID, been waiting on a gynae appointment for over 18 months, then both smears taking 10 weeks for results and last colposcopy was about a 5 week wait, but this time I’ve not even had my smear results but call from the hospital rather than usual letter and in next week, but fingers crossed I’m just over thinking it