Wait for Colposcopy

Hi I had a smear test in February and got the results in March were HPV positive and low grade dyskarosis.  Because of the coronavirus I have to wait for a colposcopy. Last year I was HPV positive and no abnormal cells. 

My friend keeps scaring me saying it needs to get checked and could get worse. I'm panicking now about how long I'll wait.

Has anyone been seen for a colposcopy lately with low grade dyskarosis?

Hello apparently it usually takes a long time for low grade changes to change into high grade & the medical team would not let you wait so long if they thought it would put you at risk. Please tell your friend to stop scaring you - I'm sure they mean well but at the moment you need tlc not fear! Waiting for tests and results is very stressful as anyone on this site will tell you and apparently it is human nature to imagine the worst. There was a blog recently giving tips on managing anxiety - if you look on the front of the website at the bottom on the left you should be able to find it. If your friend wants to help & support you they could help you to keep busy to take your mind off things by doing something you enjoy - maybe a zoom quiz together? Hope it all goes well for you


please take no notice of your friend. I had the same result as you in 2014 and they decided to just watch and wait. A year later it had returned to normal.


Last year I had the same results as you and had a colposcopy and came out CIN1. Had the watch and wait for a year and unfortunately mine have come back the same this year! I have been waiting for a colposcopy again through covid 19 and I had a call this morning to go in Tuesday as they are starting routine colposcopies again so hopefully you will hear something soon 

Hi lovely, 

I was referred for a Colpsocopy with HPV and low grade cells and honestly it was far less scarier than I was imagining...the colposcopist and the nurses were lovely and really put my mind at ease. I had a biopsy too which I didn't even feel,not one bit. I was due to have my 6 month check up this month which unfortunately was cancelled due to covid-19 and I was very very worried about them leaving it but be assured that in most cases women diagnosed with HPV and low grade cells are left for 12 months before having to come back. This information really helped me. I know it is easier said than done but please try not to worry too much. If you would like to ask me anything or have a chat pop me a message and I will happily answer any of your worries or questions

sj xxx

Thank you all. I phoned the colposcopy department this morning but they are still only seeing urgent cases.

I had my smear in February and just so fed up of covid 19 and having to wait.

I just want my blooming cells checked I dont even care if I need treatment just getting so worried waiting . I'm such a pessimist and just imagine them getting worse by the day.

I'm so sad ?x

Hi! New here but cannot seem to post on main thread. I suppose I have a bit of an opposite issue to you! I got my smear results last week and have a colposcopy booked in a few weeks time. My results said low grade and HPV but everything I've seen now has me a bit worried that it was more serious given I got an appointment quite quickly and the hospital website says they are only seeing people with modereate and severe changes? This was my first ever smear too so it is not like it would be because of any previous results or complaints. 

I know there is no way to know for sure but does anyone have any opinion on this? Perhaps, they are actually just starting to resume more normal services again?